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[New York] “Having crossed the Pacific Ocean, the gospel is blossoming in New York, USA.” (April 2

– 2012 2nd Brooklyn BIBLE CRUSADE

On the 17th of April at 10:30 Eastern Time, the New York Brooklyn BIBLE CRUSADE began by preparation and belief that this year God would send many people.

Many people arrived at the venue, Calvary Cathedral of Praise, and listened to the Word. For the Good News Corp 11th class Eastern America members and missionaries who had prepared for the BIBLE CRUSADE for the past two months; this was the moment when the fruits of hope would blossom.

Today, even after the start of the seminar, the GNC members went out to the streets of Brooklyn to meet people and even attended the seminar with the citizens they met on site.

Furthermore, they went to the houses of the people they had previously encountered while witnessing, informed them on the starting date and invited them to the Seminar. They did not just simply inform the people about the event, but while preparing flyers and letters the members learned how to have one heart, and thus caused the people to become precious figures inside the hearts of the members.

On the night of the Seminar, Violinist Arthur Kaganovsky’s solo, “Jesus Loves Me” brought about a tremendous ovation. The Gracias Choir sang a familiar melody, “For the Beauty of the World” that filled the entire venue. Regardless of its familiarity, the soft strength of the pure melody knocked on the hearts of the audience. After the last song “God sent his Son” by the choir, requests for an encore emerged from all around. This song which they sang with one heart also united the hearts of the participants.

During the Seminar, the guest speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the two types of spiritual life. He used the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke chapter 15 as an example. When the second son left his home and lived by himself, pain and darkness followed, however after he began to live with his father he was able to enjoy his father’s possessions and was able to live an easy and joyful life. Likewise, when we try to live spiritual life it is extremely difficult, however when God does it then it becomes so easy. In addition, through the story of the man who fell among thieves in Luke chapter 10, he preached about how we are unable to do good like the Samaritan, but if we think that we can and try to do so, then we will only suffer. Everything will be done easily if I realize that I cannot do it and give everything to Jesus.

Also during the evening Seminar he spoke about our thoughts, and how our hearts are like the Kennedy Airport because we have so many thoughts that enter and leave us, which eventually lead us to be arrogant without us knowing it, thus preventing us from serving Jesus. He concluded his sermon by saying that when our hearts reach the level of the man who fell among thieves and accept Jesus, that is when change comes to our heart and happiness is obtained.

The special part of the Bible Crusade was that ushers would lead new participants to their seats, sing hymns with them and after listening to the sermon would naturally meet heart to heart and share sincere conversations. When the true love of God hidden inside the Bible was delivered, it brought peace and happiness to the faces of the participants and became a precious time where their problems and difficulties that had been on their shoulders were placed onto Jesus’ back.

People with different hearts, just like the color of their faces live together in New York, and in this city that is loved by God the seeds of the gospel have been spread by the grace of the Lord. Even if the darkness is pitch black, when a ray of light enters then it becomes bright. Likewise I hope that when the word enters their hearts then Jesus who is the great light will brighten their dark lives.

Report/GNC 11th class East Coast Hyeon Jung Lee

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