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[New York] “Hey, if God says you’re righteous, you’re righteous.”

New York Bible Seminar News of the First Day

On April 9, 2013, the Bible Seminar held at Mason Hall in Manhattan’s Baruch College of the City University of New York with Pastor Ock Soo Park as the speaker had opened.

This Seminar in Manhattan, which opened in 3 years, God had been leading Brooklyn during that time but also worked in Manhattan as well.

A month and a half before the Seminar starts.

As we go out to the streets to witness, we meet many people in Manhattan but amazingly, more than we had expected, many people remembered and had been waiting for us.

Also, as we held pre-seminars for a month many new people attended and there were the works of salvation. And as we met more than 5,000 New York citizens through the Easter Cantata held in different places in the New York area, waited for the Bible Seminar.

Scene of the Gracias Choir Performance

Finally, the Bible Crusade opened its’ curtains and the people of Manhattan started to be moved.

As Tenor Tae-jik Woo sang ‘When I Was Wandering in My Dream’ he passed on the message to believe in Jesus and have Him as your savior through the lyrics ‘when I was wandering in my dream, I saw Jesus opening the eyes of the blind and took Him as my savior’ and moved the people who had attended.

The true taste of Gracias, which sublimed themselves to music by giving themselves to the Lord is in their hearts rather than the artistic skills. Whoever it may be, when they hear their music, their hearts open.

It is because the Lord sheds grace through them.

The Choir’s performance ended in the joy of the citizens of Manhattan who filled the hall and the speaker, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s message continued next.

Pastor Ock Soo Park used ‘the man with the infirmity for 38 years’ as an example for the two ways one can receive salvation.

First, is the way of the law where the sick have their backs turned to Jesus and waited for the Pool of Bethesda to move and second, is the way of grace where Jesus worked on the man with the infirmity for 38 years because he could do nothing.

Pastor Park said our sin cannot be solved through the law but only God can perfectly forgiven and whoever believes in this, anyone can receive salvation by that faith.

“Hey, if I say you’re a chief, you’re a chief.” “Hey, if God says you have no sin, you have no sin.” “Hey, if God says you’re holy, you’re holy.” “Hey, if God says you’re righteous, you’re righteous.” As he said this, he then shouted, “Everyone, this is faith. I wish you will believe in God.”

Even after the sermon, the Manhattan citizens did not leave and had personal counseling.

The hall was packed of attendees having personal counseling here and there and some got into groups because there was not enough counselors.

I could not believe when I saw how the New York citizens who are always being chased by time and just keep going only looking forward were listening with all their hearts in front of the word of God.

A few years ago, God had given a promise to His servant.

That is for 500 churches to be established in America and that promised is being fulfilled in Manhattan.

The Cantata Tour, English Camp, Easter Cantata and the 2013 Bible Crusade, which started today, are busily moving around America without rest within God’s good promise.

“Hey, if God says it’s possible, then it is.”

We are happy because we believe in this God.

Rachel, a lady in her 30’s or 40’s

“Today’s performance was amazing. I was very moved. Those who are doing this work will be blessed. Pastor’s message was fun and great. Especially, the words, “Hey, if God says you’re righteous, you’re righteous” gave me great hope. In faith, I am righteous. I am very happy. I am coming tomorrow and I want to keep coming. I look forward to the Easter Cantata and the Christmas Cantata.”

Anthony, a man in his 20’s

“I felt like I was listening to the songs of angels during the performance. Especially, the woman’s solo moved my heart. The Pastor’s sermon was great, too. The bible is God’s heart and if we accept that heart, we become one with God. I had individual counseling with someone and I got to find out that even my future sins have been paid for. Isn’t that amazing? So, about sin, I have nothing to worry. I am free from sin, Hallelujah!”

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