[New York] “The Word of God is Living and Powerful..!” 

2016 Gracias Choir Easter Cantata Tour



There is a second part to Gracias Choir’s Easter Cantata. This is the Word of the Gospel that is delivered precisely and concisely. If the first part, Gracias Choir’s beautiful music, moves the heart of the people, the second part delivers a much more powerful and strong message of the Gospel into the hearts of the people.

The venue on the 26th of March was the ‘Praise Temple of God’, located in Newark, New Jersey. The Senior Pastor, Pastor Clapman and the ‘Head of Ministry to Children’, had attended the Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata at the United Palace, in New York last year, and had invited the Gracias Choir to their church.





Of course, the Easter Cantata of the Gracias Choir, which portrayed precisely the death and resurrection of