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[New York] “The Word of God is Living and Powerful..!” 

2016 Gracias Choir Easter Cantata Tour



There is a second part to Gracias Choir’s Easter Cantata. This is the Word of the Gospel that is delivered precisely and concisely. If the first part, Gracias Choir’s beautiful music, moves the heart of the people, the second part delivers a much more powerful and strong message of the Gospel into the hearts of the people.

The venue on the 26th of March was the ‘Praise Temple of God’, located in Newark, New Jersey. The Senior Pastor, Pastor Clapman and the ‘Head of Ministry to Children’, had attended the Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata at the United Palace, in New York last year, and had invited the Gracias Choir to their church.





Of course, the Easter Cantata of the Gracias Choir, which portrayed precisely the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, was fantastic but the message of the Gosepl that was preached at the end was truly ‘energy’ itself. Moreover, it was the preacher, Pastor Terry Henderson who appeared to become strengthened by the Word itself. The audience began to be absorbed into the undeniable strength of the Gospel.


“Everyone, electricity flows through wires and water flows through pipes but the power of God flows from heart to heart. And the power of God is in the Word of God, which contains his heart. In the same way that we need to connect to the electricity to turn on the chandelier in this place, if we become connected to God, we will also receive power and strength.

Then, what does the the Word of God say? If you look in Hebrews 9:11-12, Jesus Christ has given the sin offering in the eternal tabernacle in heaven. If Jesus went to the tabernacle here on earth, then we would have to give the sin offering again and again. However, Jesus washed our sins in the eternal heaven.





The forgiveness of Jesus Christ is more powerful than any sin. In the Cantata today, Jesus Christ appeared in front of the two disciples who were on the way to Emmaus but they did not recognise him. Why not? At that time, Jesus Christ had already resurrected and the salvation had been accomplished but the disciples were locked down by what they saw. While they were holding onto the images that they saw with their own eyes (Jesus’ crucifixion, burial), they could not see the salvation that had already been accomplished.

Folks, we must look at the heart of God. Now, the righteousness that we have is the eternal righteousness of God. This righteousness is more powerful than any other sin. When the director of a company promotes someone to a manager, then instantly, that person becomes a manager. If God, who has created the whole universe, tells us we are righteous, then we are righteous.”





“As Pastor said, no matter what happens, our wages of sin have been paid off. Although their sins have already been forgiven, many people struggle with guilt because they sin every day. However, Pastor explained precisely that the crucifixion of Jesus had perfectly washed away our sins at once. All we have to do is believe in the Word that says that our sins have been forgiven. We have become righteous because of Jesus. Our sins have been washed, eternally.”

-The Manning couple


“The salvation that Jesus Christ has achieved is eternal. It is not temporary. Our sins have been washed because of Jesus Christ. Pastor preached the Word so simply that even children could understand. It was very graceful. Even if I commit sin, Jesus Christ has taken charge of all of my sins. Even the sins of the past, present and future!” – Feyern


“I think that the saying ‘Eternal Redemption’ is the perfect explanation for the reason why Jesus Christ passed away on the cross. I have become perfectly free. My sins have been perfectly forgiven. All the sins of my past, present and future have been washed completely! Even if I sin later on, that sin has also already been washed. So, there is no more condemnation. It has already been finished.”- Mary Lou

“The Word that I heard today was coming from a completely different point of view. If I commit sin, all I have to do is look to God. This is because all my sins have been washed through Jesus. I am no longer a sinner. Even if I happen to sin in the future, Jesus has already become responsible for it. Jesus Christ has passed away 2000 years ago, and our sins have been eternally, eternally washed.” -Georgia


“One day, I received a letter and when I opened it, I found that it contained the invitation tickets to the Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata. So, I went to see the Cantata but I arrived at the venue to late and could not get in! [laughter] However, because I was in charge of the ministry to children at my church, I thought that I could invite you. Somehow, I was able to contact Pastor Young Ho Kim of New Jersey church but after being disappointed that our hall was too small to hold the Cantata, I received the good news that I would have the opportunity to go and watch the Christmas Cantata last year on the 26th of December. It was such a wonderful performance. The Word of God and the testimony of Missionary John Choi was miraculous and touching.

Today, I was finally able to invite you. We heard the Word of God and watched the Easter Cantata. We were able to see the true reason behind the Easter season. Jesus did not just die but he did not with the purpose of washing our sins. And Jesus did not just die for the sins at the moment. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ represents eternal atonement. There is no longer any need for us to question this. Through Jesus Christ, we were able to gain the route to God, instantly. It was fantastic. Thank you so much” – Estellin Camber


“Last December, I saw the Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata in the United Palace in Manhattan. It was very touching. The ‘Head of Ministry to Children’, who went to see the performance with me, took charge and invited you and that is why we were able to have such an amazing evening! The message that Pastor delivered had a clear point. I think that even children would have understood the Word today. The Word was precise, biblical and focused on the fundamentals of the Word. It was very graceful. I wish to maintain a good relationship with all of you. More than anything, I hope that you can return to us next year, also.”-Pastor Clapman, Senior Pastor of the Praise Temple of God

“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” ( Hebrews 4:12)

Even on that day, many people had heard the Word of the Gospel. We do not know for sure who has received salvation or who is still confused about the Gospel. However, one thing that is certain is that this Word is not just simply a speech. This Word is living and is powerful and the power of God is in it. Once you hear the Word it begins to work in you.

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