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(New York) War with Sin, And a Triumphant Song

News of the New York Bible Crusade (Part 2)

The New York Bible Crusade, which closes on the 3rd of April, was truly a war for the Gospel, because of the Gospel and of the Gospel.

In Manhattan, 1.6 million people are squeezed together on a small piece of land that is only 59km2. Despite its reputation for the variety of culture and exuberance, it is a city that pushes many people into despair.

Therefore, when, in the first day, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained the image of the human being that cannot defeat darkness or despair, the audience was able to accept it from their hearts. Afterwards, by going back and forth between the Old and New Testament, he preached the Gospel explaining Moses’ Law, the Sin of Israel, The Place for Sanctification of Heaven and Earth, the Baptism of John the Baptist and Jesus’ eternal sanctification in order. This was all accepted by the audience rather innocently through their hearts that had already been broken down.



“The part that stays in my heart the most is that because many people in the world are used to their own thoughts and knowledge, although they read the Bible over and over again, they cannot understand it. Pastor allowed me to understand that from long time ago that it was already recorded in the Bible that we have received salvation (received forgiveness of sin) and that is also written that all we have to do is believe this.” –Robert


During the Bible Seminar, the Gospel took many forms to enter into the hearts of the new souls.

Especially the Gracias Choir Easter Cantata, which demonstrated the affliction, death and resurrection of Jesus very Biblically, was a precious experience that allowed the audience to witness themselves the Gospel that they had heard until now.

Just like how the stage changed from a dark and despairing place because of the arrest, affliction and the mockery of Jesus to a place full of light and hope with songs of praises due to the resurrection of Jesus, as they viewed this performance, the participants’ lives that were filled with darkness and despair suddenly became overflowing with happiness and hope.





“After hearing that we had no sin, no faults, I was so happy.”- Jason Price


“Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I have never heard anything like that (Gospel) before. They did not emphasize that (the fact that we are righteous) but rather told us that we were sinners because we have sinned. I heard for the first time that God does not remember our sins.”- Kisan Archer


“The fact that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and now I do not have any sins remains the most in my heart. I have always learnt that I must repent and work hard. (In the Bible) When I read about John shouting, telling people to repent, I thought that I had to repent and work hard not to sin.” – Andronica

“The people that he (Pastor Ock Soo Park) continued to speak about all said that Jesus died for their sins but they still believed that they were sinners. I remember that part the most because it does not make sense that Jesus died on the cross for our sins but we still sins and also it would mean that His death would have been in vain. If He (Jesus Christ) died for our sins, then we should be free from our sins. It is true that we do not have sin.” – Dron Vijay


Crusade- a word that derives from the Crusades 900 years ago, with the aim of recapturing the Holy Land

Just like the meaning of the word, the New York Bible Crusade was a war against the darkness, despair and sin that was conquering over this world. We are hopeful, even in this year, when we think of the way that God will help us in this war for the Gospel, guiding many new souls to us the same way that He had helped the Israelites in the land of Canaan and helped David to be victorious every time.



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