(New Zealand) Tonga, the South Pacific Island Covered by the Scent of the Gospel

The Start of Change in Tonga, Meeting with the Minister of Youth


From the 26th to the 29th of May, there has been a witnessing trip to the island of Tonga. 2 weeks previously, the first witnessing team, which consisted of Sister Lee and one short term missionary, went in advance to preach the Gospel and invite people. Afterwards, on the 26th, the second group arrived and the group now became six.


On the first day, we arrived in Tonga after a flight that lasted three hours from Auckland. The atmosphere was very rustic and refreshing, reminding us of Korea in the 1970s. Sister Mona and her family were already at the airport when we had arrived. Although their circumstances make it seem as though they should be working every day, she had delayed her work to join us in the work of the Gospel.


When we arrived in Mona’s house, the daughter, Sophia, and her husband were preparing a meal for us. In spite of the fact that Sophia is only 22 years old, she is a mother of two children. After listening to the Gospel and receiving salvation while attending the World Camp in 2011, her heart did not become dilute but she continued to remain in contact with us, doing the work of the Gospel in Tonga.


After lunch, we visited many offices to organise meetings with the Ministers. We met with their secretaries and introduced the IYF to them as well as inviting them to the Minister of Youth Forum. They showed lots of interest as we introduced them to these events. The Minister of Youth promised that he would have a meeting with them if time allowed it.


In the evening, we gathered the family of Mona and had a Mind Lecture. Through pictures of the Gospel, the speaker began to explain about how sin entered our world, and how to be cleansed of it. Then, he also began to speak about the promise that Pastor Ock Soo Park had received in 1973 for the South Pacific islands, which included the island of Tonga. The promise was also very much alive in the heart of Sister Mona. Sister Mona was delighted and we could see the hope growing in her heart.