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[NY] 2011 IYF World Camp Kicks Off in New York! (September 01, 2011)

Even though hurricane “Irene” caused the whole East Coast of America to trembled, it didn’t stopped us holding the IYF World Camp in NY! Through hurricane “Irene”, God allowed us to learn that He was really with us and watching over us. The IYF World Camp finally had begun on August 29, and it started with a cool breeze and clear skies. All participants were so happy when they arrived, and were so joyful that the World Camp still went on regardless of Hurricane “Irene.” Founder pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir’s flights got canceled but they were still able to make the Opening Ceremony by flying from other airports in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

At 7pm, the Opening Ceremony started with the righteous stars’ exciting dances and then continued with the African dance “La bonnuvell”, Russian dance “Kkalinkka” and Korea’s fan dance and a Taekwondo performance.

The dance “I believe” prepared by American students delivered a special message of students who have same difficulties despite of their nationalities change and become bright through the World Camp to participants.

Glenda Jackson, Councilwoman of Huntington town, gave a welcoming message thanking founder pastor Ock Soo Park for holding the World Camp in Huntington town and it was followed by a speech given by Donal P. Astrab, president of Nassau Community College.

Gracias Choir performed to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the World Camp with beautiful songs and bright smiles. Choir’s finale song “New York, New York” made all participants happy and joyful.

Founder pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a message of how thankful to have this World Camp in New York right after Hurricane “Irene” damaged many places and as well as stories of Mexico World Camp. He talked about the true happiness you gain when people share their hearts together and he added the reason why people cannot share their hearts together is because of the heart that they are better than others which keep them from listening to others. Also he talked about his hope in Jesus who changes whoever has darkness in their hearts like how in the Bible Jesus did to the woman who got caught in adultery.

After Opening Ceremony, there was a reception with about 40 VIPs. Suffolk County officials gave founder Pastor Ock Soo Park a “Thank You” plaque and said they want to work for youth with IYF. Founder Ock Soo Park talked about his experience of eating durians as an example of “taste of people”. He said, “At first one might not like the smell of durian, once you taste it you will crave for it. Just like with people, we should make an effort find people’s unique flavor as well.”

IYF World Camp NY will be the happiest camp where teaches the world of hearts and be continued to September 2nd.

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