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[NY] Let’s have some fun at the IYF Academy! (September 05, 2011)

What do people in the White House eat? If you come to IYF Academy in the World Camp you will see…

Former chief chef Sam Morgante who was in charge of President Obama’s table, teaches World Camp participants in how to make Western Chicken, a favorite dish of former President George Bush.

Finally IYF Academy started! There was already a long line of participants waiting for the cooking academy to open. Former chef Morgante explains the recipe step by step and students discuss how to cook chicken and make sauce.

Now it’s time for the evaluation! The selected team by the chef received “Obama Chocolate” as a present. After the evaluation, students eat the dishes they made and enjoyed.

Another academy to introduce is Starbucks Academy. American’s favorite coffee brand Starbucks’ barista was invited to IYF Academy and explained how to brew coffee. Students learned the origin of coffee and how to make good coffee from the Starbucks baristas.

At car maintenance academy students ask questions on how to maintain one’s car and learn basic car maintenance with a Mercedes car

On the grassy field of the Mahanaim Campus, the Tae Kwon Do academy had opened. Students attended the Tae Kwon Do academy with a serious attitude and learned Tae Kwon Do movements.

Andrea, one of volunteers said, “I became more interested in Korea’s culture as I volunteered with overseas volunteers from Korea. That is why I chose Tae Kwon Do academy to come and the more I learn the more fun it is.”

Moreover, there was Home Improvement, How to Buy a Car, Nutrition, Journalism, Finance, Korean Language, Ddobyul, Emergency Response, etc which were taught by professionals accordingly.

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