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[NY] Scavanger Hunt at the Heckscher Park (September 05, 2011)

Second day of New York World Camp started. Today we had an opportunity to practice “Cohesion” which is one of our three mottos by scavenger hunt.

After eating delicious lunch, students departed to Heckscher Park which is located near the Mahanaim campus. The students were informed with few rules, and then the race began. Teachers started to dash into the woods to find the first clue. A group of students welcome their teacher with a smile who brought the first clue as a first place. Each class was assigned to different stations.

The team which has succeeded the task; they received a sticker and advanced to “Dance together” station. At first it was embarrassing and awkward. After learning one righteous dance, however, the students get tested. During the test, what manager values the most is a smile! Although, they had to dance for the teams that they don’t like, they were able to taste the joy when they bend their heart and unify their heart with the others.

The other activities also contributed to elevate the team work. The students ran here and there to find a clue. At last, Faith 3 won the race by finding the last clue at the Second floor of Mahanaim auditorium.

Misconception of individualism and freedom insidiously eroded the opportunity for young American students experience such joy. However, those American students who at first didn’t want xto participate in scavenger hunt, they were able to discover a new joy of being together to pursue a same goal. Today’s scavenger hunt were not just a entertainment, rather, it was a life lesson that educate the students to be familiar with “Cohesion”. Furthermore, it will guide the students to become a prestigious leader in the future.

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