Online Summer Retreat brings waves of Faith and Fun

The poster for the 2020 Online Summer Retreat

With luscious waves and a white-sanded beach in the background, the 2020 Online Summer Retreat for the east coast started. Although there was not a lot of time to invite people because of the recent IYF World Camp and IYF Kid's Bible Camp, many new people came and around 2000 participants were registered for the retreat.

The Summer Retreat was filled with nostalgic and peaceful memories of old times. The retreat became a program that many brothers and sisters who were exhausted in their spirits because of the coronavirus pandemic could find rest and new strength.

Featuring our MC couples!

Every session was Emceed by a pastor and his wife

With the appearance of the unexpected MCs, the brothers and sisters' eyes became wide and smile filled their faces. Young pastoral couples were tasked with the MCing instead of the usually designated emcee. They make mistakes and nervousness are plain on their faces however, they opened the hearts of all the brothers and sisters.

Dance time with American Dream

"If I can do it, you can do it"

For the dance time, a pastor that weights more than 230 pounds, a brother who has a ripped Achilles tendon, and a sister who doesn't have any coordination led the dance session with the motto "If I can do it, you can do it!"

"I underwent a surgery when I ripped my Achilles tendon. I could not understand why that happened to me at the time. After the surgery, I got a call from my pastor. He told me, “Hey Nam yoon. Do you know why you got the surgery? It so you can play basketball again. The doctor had told me that I should never do any rough sports ever again because if my Achilles tendon gets ripped again, I would live the rest of my life limping. However, as according to the words of the servant of God, I have recovered and am playing basketball again. When I heard that I was going to be on the dance team, I felt burdened and thought, “would I be able to do this?” However, I received the heart of the servant of God that if we could do it, the many brothers and sisters would be so joyful and happy. Although we have shortcomings and are horrible at dancing, we were able to record 8 dances when we connected our hearts to the servant of God. When I connect my heart to the heart of the servant of God, I am the world’s greatest dancer."

– Nam Yoon Kim, Good News New York Church

“I thought it was obvious that I had some things that I was good at and some things that I was bad at. But during the Bible study, we heard the words the words that “we can do all things through Him that strengthens us.” I have no coordination, rhythm, or pitch at all but I joined American dream when I relied on the word of God. It was burdensome and I thought it would not work out but through the faith in the church, I was able to receive so much happiness and joy through this."

– Yoon Ji Shim, Good News New York Church