[Orlando, USA] The Christmas Cantata in a City of Fairy Tales

The 25th city is Orlando.

Bob Carr Theater

Orlando, the city of Disney World fairy tales with the world’s greatest theme park, is the last destination of the 2015 US Christmas Cantata Tour. Here in the Orlando Church are 13 members and it is their 3rd Christmas Cantata this year.

올랜도 기호준 선교사

Missionary Hojun Ki says he felt burden in his circumstances thinking, “God who helped with the first and second Cantata, will he also help with the third?” The costs of renting the venue was already a burden but the brothers and sisters were also filled with burdensome feelings. It seemed as though God was asking Missionary Ki, “Have you freed yourself from burdensome feelings?” Feeling shameful before God, the Missionary shared his heart with other pastors to receive a heart of hope towards the Cantata that God rejoices in.

50명의 올랜도 목회자들에게 복음을 전하고 있는 박영국 목사


At 5 pm, the Christian Leader’s Meeting was held with the participation of 50 leaders.

후안 구연 Juan B. Grullon 목사

Juan D. Grullon said, “Today’s gospel was clear and concise. The Words today were about the basics and fundamentals of how to receive salvation. I do not need to prepare any sermon for today and tomorrow’s Sunday sermon. I’m just going to go and preached based on the Words I heard today.”