[Paraguay] RED GUARANI Interview News (February 28, 2012)

During this year’s World Camp in Paraguay, God opened a new way for us to address the media. We did not organize a press conference, but instead, the owner of the theatre received permission from the Head Director of Culture and called upon the media in the name the city of Asuncion. As a result, we were able to present World Camp news on national broadcasting, and also publicized the World Camp through a major daily newspaper as well as the radio.

The interviewer asked when and how the mission was founded, the number of countries the mission has spread to and when the mission began operating in Paraguay. After Pastor Ock Soo Park explained to the interviewer, he then spoke about the background and founding of the IYF and how he teaches the world of the heart during these World Camps through music and the Bible; while including how he was able to meet the president of Paraguay through the Gracias Choir.

Furthermore, he gave a word of gratitude to the numerous people in Paraguay for lending a helping hand during this camp.

After the interview had ended, the interviewer opened his heart to Pastor Ock Soo Park and began to converse with him and spoke to him about the pressure from the neighboring churches in Paraguay. Pastor Ock Soo Park discussed the possibility of receiving technical support for the digital broadcasting that was proposed by the representative of PACIFICO TV in Peru, the broadcasting of home shopping and the televising of Korean drama and its contents due to the influence of Hallyu. Upon hearing this, the interviewer promised he would request for the “RED GUARANI’s help. Currently, the interviewer himself is creating the dubbings for the Kenya GBS programs and pastor’s sermons in Spanish and Guarani, and so if allowed to do so, he said he wanted re-produce the programs and broadcast them. We were truly able to notice his assertive attitude.