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Pastor Park’s Book Signing in Brazil

From the left: “Navigating the Heart”, “The Heart Store”, “Who Is Not Me But In Me”, and “How I Became Free from Sin”.

On February 8th, the last day of the World Camp, a commemoration ceremony was held for the publication of Pastor Park’s books. The 3 books of the Mind Book series “Navigating the Heart” and the re-publication of “The Secret of the Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again” to “How I became Free from Sin” had been translated to Portuguese and is now introduced to Brazilian readers.  At the publication ceremony, 500 pastors who attended the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) and VIPs were in attendance. Pastor Odalil, who is currently assisting the Good News Church, gave the congratulatory message.

Sister Binea, who received salvation by reading “How I became Free from Sin”, presents Pastor Park with a bouquet.

My husband was a pastor before, but as he became sick with a serious disease, our church members cast him aside saying, “You are being punished because you have committed a great sin”. When I had lost everything and was in despair, someone lent me the book “How I became Free from Sin”. When I was reading that book, I realized my husband’s disease was not a curse but a blessing, and I was able to find out that I was clean, holy, and righteous. Although I gave the book back to the person who let me borrow it, I received the address of the Good News Mission Church, met Pastor Bum Sub Kim and his wife, and could receive the assurance of salvation. Then my husband and my two daughters –my entire family was able to receive salvation.

For the congratulatory performance, the world-class Gracias Choir adorned the stage and made the ceremony shine.

Gracias Choir during their performance. Everyone had fallen into the music performed by the Gracias Choir.

Next is the lecture from the author. Pastor Park spoke about the concept of “Meeting Jesus”.

“There was a Korean Ambassador who was like a brother to me. I met the president of Paraguay with his help. I gifted the president a book and after he read it, he invited me to the presidential palace. I preached the gospel to him and he received salvation.

The president later was in a critical condition due to an unknown disease; but, by the grace of God, he recovered. The other patients who were hospitalized with him all ended up dying. Just like what David said, “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” God is with you no matter where you go after you have received the forgiveness sin.

After we receive the forgiveness of sin, God is with us. I hope that you can get closer with God through this book. In 1986, I wrote a book about the forgiveness of sins for the first time. It sold one million copies in Korea. Afterwards, God helped me write many books and these books are for you all to become just a little bit closer with God. As you read these books, you will become closer with God.

Pastor Ock Soo Park signing books.

Many people lined up to receive the author’s signature.

There are a countless number of times when a book has changed a person’s life. These books that contain the power of God have the power to not only change a person, but to change a nation. As these books are formally published in Portuguese, we hope for the mind education and the gospel to be introduced to not only Brazil, but to Portugal, Mozambique, Angola and other countries.

Ministers from all over South America in attendance at Pastor Park’s Mind and Spiritual Life publication ceremony.



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