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Peace in Cote D’Ivoire (May 21, 2011)

After a long civil war, peace came to Cote Cote D’Ivoire. The long and incessant war ended when Ouattara(current president)’s military subjugated Gbagbo (former president)’s armed forces. While the civil war continued, various dangerous circumstances arose and especially the month of April perceived maximum danger that the government laid a curfew and we were restricted from conducting many activities. In this condition, brothers and sisters in Abidjan church visited a number of places where many people were assembled, including the armed forces hospital, the rebel base and public refuge for citizens, in order that they may live together and freely spread the gospel. Through this hardship, many became humbled and the gospel provided good news to the disheartened that many received the word of God with no difficulty.

The IYF students were restricted from carrying out outdoor activities, thus they led indoor Korean language classes in preparation for prospective World Camp. Since early April, IYF students are leading a 2-hour class every Sunday afternoon. Many people participated with keen interest and they were very passionate about learning Korean language. Not only do brothers and sisters participate, anyone who desires to learn Korean can join the class. Through this language academy, many people are seeking the church where they hear the gospel and receive salvation. Korean class will continue to mid-June. We hope this opportunity will lead many people to church and scatter the seed of the gospel.

After the situation has settled in Cote D’Ivoire, a Sunday school bible seminar was held in church. This seminar, which invited both parents and kids, opened with the subject, “Proper Child Education.” About 150 parents and children participated in this event. For parents, various programs were prepared, such as video screening, lecture, IYF introduction and the play/ dance performance by Sunday school children. Pastor Ako preached that parents must lead their kids through the bible, not through their own methods. The parents showed interest in youth change and world camp as they listened to IYF introduction.

For children, numerous programs like video screening, group fellowship, game, and dance performance were provided. Especially during film screening, they heard bible stories in relation to the movie content. Though we faced many hardships and difficulties in preparing for the seminar, we had valuable time as many families and children were able come to church and listen to the gospel.

At present, brothers and sisters are pouring their hearts in preparation for the prospective world camp in July. Yet we have difficulties in many aspects due to the long civil war. We sincerely ask for your prayer for Cote D’Ivoire.



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