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[Peru] “I’d like to hear some specific proposal.” (February 08, 2012)

The Conference with the Vice Minister of the Education System Management.

13 hours to New York, 8 hours to Lima, Peru, and 3 hours of layover – we flew exactly a day to South America, the continent on the opposite of Korea. Peru, the first country we visited, is preparing her 5th World Camp this year.

Arrived to airport early in the morning, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the crew finished breakfast at Peru Church and headed to the Department of Education to meet the Vice Minister of Education System Management of Peru as their first schedule on the first day of the World Camp. About 20 minutes later, they were gladly welcomed by the former Minister of the Department of Culture, Susanna Baca de la colina and her husband at the front entrance of the Department of Education.

At the conference with Fernando Bolanos Galdos, the Vice Minister of Education System Management, Pastor Ock Soo Park began the conversation with the story of Andy – along with who the IYF was founded. He also thanked the Vice Minister for his assistance in getting a venue for this World Camp. Then the Vice Minister, Fernando Bolanos Galdos, asked to hear some specific proposals on the current juvenile issues and education problem because the Department of Education is deeply involved with the youth both in and outside of schools.

In response, Pastor Ock Soo Park talked about how many youth have changed their hearts through the Mind Lecture; he also suggested to provide “Who Are You that is Dragging Me,” the Best Seller at the Kyo Bo Bookstore in Korea, for the Peruvian youth to read and to open Mind Lecture major at school to educate students by their class.

During the World Camp, there are a lot of activities available for the youth, such as Academy and various club activities, but what is truly important is the need of education the minds. Pastor Park shared his experience of leading the mind lectures. When he talked about how the heart of men flows and how people become a drug-addict and a trouble maker when they neglect their hearts during the mind lectures, he got a lot of good responses from the students – plus there have been many student who underwent change through the lectures.

The Vice Minister of Education System Management, Fernando Bolanos Galdos was greatly interested in the book, “Who Are You that is Dragging Me,” and seemed very sincere throughout the conference – even though we could not give him the actual copy of the book because it was to be printed a day later in Peru.

During the visits to 4 Eastern African countries in last January, the mind education major and opening IYF schools were made as one of the solutions for juvenile issues and technological supports through agreements with each government’s president, vice president, and ministers. We are very looking forward to see how this meeting with the Vice Minister of the Education System Management will open a new way in Peru.



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