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[Peru] “Now, There is Peace in my Heart and I will also preach this Good News to our church”:

Catholicism has been deep inside of the roots of Peruvian culture ever since the invasion of the Spanish, who built a lot of cathedrals (which are landmarks to this day). Over eighty percent of the people believe in Catholicism.



However, there are still many people who suffer from sin. The Christian Leaders Fellowship, which was organized in order to pass on the true Gospel and happiness, came to its second day on 31st December.




Pastor Ock Soo Park explained step-by-step about sin and salvation through the explanations of the Law, the tabernacle and Jesus Christ. “It is not that you have to pray for your sins to be forgiven but rather that all you have to do is believe that through Jesus Christ, your sins have been washed. Do you all believe that your sins have been washed?” The people in the venue replied, “Amen!” As they were listening to the message of the Gospel, which said that it is not we who must work but just accept freely that we have been washed, many ministers were thankful and joyful in their hearts.



Afterwards, there was a Q&A session. Many of the Pastors briefly dropped their title as leaders of one church and asked a variety of questions, such as what we should do when we commit sin after salvation or the precise meaning of a particular verse. Through this session, Pastor Ock Soo Park was able to go through the Gospel once again and preach about God. There was not enough time so many ministers could not ask their questions but, thankfully, this lead to an opportunity to have fellowship with the Pastors of our mission as they wanted to ask them the questions.




“For the past 2 years, I have listened to the Word of Good News Mission. It has become a big blessing in my life and especially I was so happy to get to know Pastor Ock Soo Park. I was able to see the deep but humble heart that Pastor had and I was able to have fellowship and listen about God’s love towards us and His redemption. The Words for the past two days were so good and the Christmas Cantata as well as the Christmas Concert were brilliant. Many Pastors have come to Peru and I hope that, through the many youths and ministers, we will bring about true change. I am so thankful to have been able to know Good News Mission and the Pastors within it and I want to continue to visit. I will receive strength through this Word and it will also be a blessing at my church. Thank you.”

(Pastor Manuel Bonita, Vija El Salvador Church)





“I thank you for inviting me to this precious place. I was able to learn about the true Gospel and faith. I heard in the Word that God does not look at our works rather He only looks at the Jesus Christ inside of us. Now there is peace in my heart and I want to deliver this good news to my church also.” (Pastor Jonny Moreno, La Molina Unica Christiana Chruch)


When Pastor Ock Soo Park mentioned that we must unite for the Gospel and glorify the blood of Jesus through the Gospel in Peru, all the Pastors agreed and put their hearts together. It was such a precious time for all of us as Pastors of a church or organization came to the event to listen to the Word. As we were preparing the event, we were able to experience God and the ministers truly met Jesus in their hearts. Now, through them, many people who had been suffering because of the law and sin will be able to hear the Gospel. We hope that, just like the everlasting jar of flour that the widow of Zarephath had, God’s grace and works will continue to happen in Peru.

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