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[Philippines] Bocaue Good News Church was established (December 15, 2011)

After the 2011 IYF Philippines World Camp, we established new churches in two different area. From December 6th to 9th we had bible seminar to celebrate the consecration of the church in Bocaue church. Bocaue is the first city of Bulacan region. It is located 24.5KM away northeast direction from Manila, the capital of Philippines.

Pete, a magician was invited to a Good News Mission church event and he came to receive salvation. Then he really changed from his heart as he attended IYF World Camp in Korea. Later he witnessed other magicians around him. They came to have a hope that they would build a church in Bocaue. We really bought a land and built the church. This is how the bocaue church established. We were so thankful as we see every night many people attended our seminar and opened their hearts.

In this seminar Pastor Kyeong Hyun Nam preached how we can wash our sins. “Just like the father who accepted his second son who had left him and came back as a beggar, God really loves us. And Naaman, the captain of the host of the king of Syria was a leper but he came to the servant of God and was healed. Also our sins were washed away by Jesus Christ.”

In Pasay where Philippines World Camp was held, they are repairing a church building to establish a church. Pasay is one of the cities that consist of Metro Manila. It is boarded to north by Manila. Many citizens received listened to the gospel and received salvation the World Camp in Pasay. So they came to establish a new church there. God worked here in Philippines so we can establish two new churches this year. We believe that many people will receive salvation through these churches. Please pray for the two new church in Philippines.

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