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[Philippines]“Everyone open mind” Philippines world camp opening ceremony news (November 02, 2011)

October 24. 2011, there was held the 2nd Philippines world camp under the hot sun. Last April, the students who do not forget first world camp that was held in Philippines were interested in 2nd Philippines world camp.

As the Philippine Government Youth Commission chairman who participated in 2010 Hongkong world camp introduced IYF to many student from the whole country many students connected IYF and about 350 Philippines students visited and participated in leadership training and world camp in July this year.

After that, it was started the Philippines world camp preparation with returned students as the central figure and local international students visited many universities not only in Manila but in many region and they did world camp presentation and had a face to face talk with presidents and invited students. And also they told the world camp as they did street theatre in intramuros or near universities where students go a lot. However there were many difficulties to look for place and receive sponsor of enterprise.

According to Participation countries they selected a company and went for sponsor and although mostly it was negative response and it did not accept the sponsor, they could get the 3 hotels discount from LG, Dole and the world camp lodge place by grace.

The day, 2000 students from Philippines entire region come together in Cuneta Astrodom. They accepted applications as they had an expectation the world camp which will be opened for 4 days and they had an orientation about the camp from 4 pm.

Eventually, 2011 IYF WORLD CAMP PHILIPPINES opening ceremony, Taekwon Dance that Righteous stars Philippines local students and Korean students were together and Busan Lincoln house school students prepared drew the splendid curtain. The Philippines world camp began with MCs’ shout.

There were Africa dance Leco, Philippines traditional cultural performance and beautiful Korean fan dance in cultural performance.

As a opening ceremony congratulatory message, ambassador Barry Gusi who is international chairman Gusi Peace Prize told that I think highly of IYF mind and hope that Philippines students change through challenge, Change and cohesion.

Continually, Leon Flores III who is chair man from National Youth Commission told that teaching exchange of heart is most important.

First day, as a mind lecture, pastor Ock Soo Park told about durian which famous for fragrance of hell, taste of heaven and he told that people have a taste too and when people approach with an open mind they could feel true taste that only the person who has. Also he added that I hope that everyone open hearts and have an opportunities to feel taste each other through this camp.



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