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[Philippines] Pastor Park Ock Soo Meets President of GMA

– Meeting with the president of GMA, the biggest broadcasting station in the Philippines.

Meeting with the president of GMA, the biggest broadcasting station in the Philippines. – GMA broadcasted Pastor Park Ock Soo’s visit on prime time news.

On the morning of April 4th, Pastor Park Ock Soo met with the president of GMA, the biggest broadcasting station in the Philippines at GMA headquarters in Manila.


The meeting has been covered during GMA primetime news. We could see that GMA was taking the visit seriously.


The CEO, Felipe Gozon is one of the 20 people leading the Philippines media. Even though he is 77 years old this year, he is still actively participating in many areas. He is working with IYF since he gained interest in IYF during 2010 World Camp in the Philippines where he gave a guest lecture.

GMA is the top broadcasting station, similar to MBC in Korea. The headquarters is in an area where the stations are gathered like Sang Am DMC, Korea.



CEO Gozon met with Pastor Park Ock Soo for the second time at the CEO’s meeting room.

Pastor Park introduced IYF saying, “IYF is helping the youth to break free from their old thoughts and live their lives with a new and beautiful heart.”

Gozon introduced GMA, “There is a lot of competition in the Philippines. GMA is the top broadcasting station here. It was not easy, but it was worth it.”

Pastor Park replied, “We came to ask for support from the GMA. I hope you can help IYF in the Philippines.”

Gozon said, “Pastor Park constantly works for the youth of this world. The youth needs our attention and I know that you have already done many great things for the youths.”




Missionary Nam Kyung Hyun hosted the meeting. He introduced the IYF visitors and watched together a video clip of the World Camp that was held at USEP College in February. When the Gracias Choir Choi Hye Mi and Lee Soo Yeon sang a Philippines traditional song, My country My People, all the people applauded with smiles on their faces.


Pastor Park Ock Soo’s message continued after.

“Because I am a pastor, I read the Bible. As I read the Bible dozens of times, I discovered the world of hearts. I started to share that world of hearts to the youths around the world. When a drug addict from LA changed, IYF began.

Many thoughts come across people every day. I want to earn more money, I wish I had good grades, I have researched about why people commit crime as I worked at the Reforming Committee at local prisons. I discovered that they were dragged by some thoughts when committing crime and even murder.


However, not all people who have the heart to divorce get divorced, and not all people who have the heart to kill someone commit murder. There are people who do not fall into sin. When these hearts grows, tragedies happen.

In order to solve this issue, simply giving advice will not help. If we could give them a heart to overcome these hearts, they are saved from darkness and despair.


It is impossible to lift a 350-ton jumbo jet and make it fly. However, when we receive the thrusters of the engines and when the jet is going at a very high speed, its weight is reduced and is able to fly. Just like this, when people receive the thrusters of a new heart, people change.

I have founded the Gracias Choir for the youths of the world, and I have developed many programs to deliver a heart full of joy and gratefulness so that they can overcome the darkness in their hearts. When the youths are happy, they do not fall into sin. When in joy, sadness and pain will pass over.


I have met many drug addicts in Vladikavkaz and helped them break free from the habit. Even once, I even sat with the royal family and had a meal with them.


The reason I came to GMA today is because media plays a big role in leading the youths. If you could help us, it would be a great support for us to work for the youths of Philippines.

I told the president of Benin, when your term is over, come join us and work for IYF. I cannot give you a lot of money, but I am sure that IYF can make you happy. He was very pleased about the offer. The first country he visited after he left office was Korea. He came to join IYF. If you join us, you will become happy too. I promise you a big smile every day.”


Gozon’s Message

“Thank you for all of you who came. Special thanks to the Gracias Choir, for their time to learn the song My Country, My people, which is like the national anthem here. I would like to invite the Gracias Choir to our station sometime. I also thank the translator, for translating in Tagalog.

The president is very busy as he gives 2-3 public speeches every day. Currently, he is at war with drugs for the youths. Yesterday, he delivered a strong message against drugs at the Boy Scout’s meeting.

The youths are very important to all countries and all societies. I am grateful for all the work you have done to foster the youths. It is very surprising that people from another country would work so hard for over ten years for the youths of Philippines. I will always join you and support you. Thank you for today’s visit.”


Gozon greeted Pastor Park Ock Soo and the IYF with his warm heart and loved the Gracias Choir’s song saying he would like to invite them on GMA’s shows. Even during his tight schedule, he attended the event for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Gozon’s Interview

“Pastor Park is not a stranger to us anymore. He had a great impact on leading the youths of Philippines for ten years already. The youths are our future. I hope all of the youths of this world, not only the Philippines, will change through IYF.”


Pastor Park’s Interview

“GMA feels like an IYF member. We will also seek ways to support GMA. IYF works with the greatest choir in the world, the Gracias Choir. We hope the viewers of GMA would have an opportunity to meet the Gracias Choir on screen. GMA is such a beautiful station. I hope the viewers will gain peace and happiness watching GMA.”

After the interview, Pastor Park Ock Soo’s visit to GMA has been covered on prime time news. The clip was about one minute and thirty seconds.

The main anchor quoted, “IYF founder, Pastor Park Ock Soo have visited GMA. The president of GMA welcomed pastor with a warm heart. IYF is a global youth organization leading the youths with the world of hearts. The president has known Pastor Park for some time. He believes in what the pastor is doing for the youths is right. Through the interview, Pastor Park explained about the programs and educations of IYF, and his last meeting with President Duterte.”

IYF is gaining more influence in Philippines day by day.

President Duterte is welcoming IYF’s activities, the Ministry of Education, and the Boy Scout Union have joined, and the biggest broadcasting station, GMA have also joined to support IYF.

God is opening up new roads in the Philippines and showed us how he wants to work more in the Philippines. We believe that God will work for the Philippines, and He wants to work through us, as He did yesterday, as He does today, and will do tomorrow.

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