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[Philippines] The 5th Overseas Volunteer in Philippines Ends in Quezon City

3 years ago, there was a wave of Mind Education in the Philippines. It gained popularity between teachers and word spread, paving the way for the IYF Mind Education. Moreover, the total number of teachers until now that attended the education is 38,000. With the beginning of the year 2016, the 5th Overseas Volunteer for Korean Education was dispatched to the Philippines to provide Mind Education for the students there. About 20 Korean volunteers visited cities of Angeles, Alcala, Pasay, Tondo, Quezon etc. and taught Korean language, Korean culture, and about the Mind.









At the last city, Quezon the volunteers visited three schools over three days. The first school was Sampaguita High School where 1,000 students awaited them. As the number of students turned out to be 5times the expected number of 200 students, there were difficulties in the class schedule and the volunteers felt burdened in their hearts. However, when they changed their hearts and chose to be led by the team leader, God solved everything wonderfully and there were more chances of delivering the Mind lecture to a greater number of students.








On the second day, the volunteers visited Caloocan City Business High School. The newly appointed principal completely opened her heart after hearing the Rio Montana’s music during the opening ceremony. Moreover, Missionary Nam talked about the Mind with her for one hour and she promised to attend the Mind Education Course in Japan. Though it was a small scale Korean Camp, the volunteers shared fellowship with the students for the first time.


The last time school visited had already had exchange with IYF Quezon Center for the past ten years. The principal of Ernesto Rondon High School and his wife had been interested in the IYF’s Mind Education and even visited Korea before. At the opening ceremony, the students presented the volunteers with Philippines traditional dance and even served lunch prepared by them. What was special about the last day is that the volunteers themselves gave mind lectures. Having received the New Year’s Message of 2016, they preached the gospel through the mind lectures to the students. They experienced a surprising experience as the students accepted the gospel as and received salvation.


“First, I was happy with the fact that I preached the gospel. I wasn’t able to carry out the lecture as I had planned because of a student who kept on asking many questions but I think it was better that way because I received grace. As I was constantly asked questions and I was constantly answering questions, I was thankful that I was able to answer and explain them. I would have regretted it if I had avoided this opportunity because I felt it burdensome. I thought 50 minutes would be too long but instead, I was short of time because of the questions and I was very thankful for that fact.” (Sungshin Women’s University Junior, Korean Class Team Leader Ye Eun Lim)

Volunteers who were newly connected to the IYF through this volunteer program were also extremely happy.


“While doing volunteer work until now, I’ve never been the main in teaching someone but through this volunteer work I felt great to see the students following after me and making an effort to learn. I also realized how meaningful it is to be able to teach someone something that they don’t know. Also, there were many times we were in difficulty due to poor conditions but having listened to the mind lecture I was told that everything depended on how I think so, I felt that my attitude towards a certain situation and thinking positively in whatever situation is what matters.” (Konyang University Junior, Taekwondo Academy Volunteer Ye Jin Cho)


For three days, the volunteers visited schools in the afternoon and in the evening the 5th Overseas Volunteer Exchange with Korean Camp was held in IYF Quezon Center. The event started with the Righteous Stars’ performance and the Rio Montana opened the hearts of the participants with warmth. The Mind Lecture of Pastor Yoon Young Hyun of Good News Mission Sacheon Church followed and the gospel was preached. The hearts of the participants were moved as they listened to the Mind Lecture that easily explained the gospel.





Every evening after the Mind Lecture, exciting programs were prepared for the participants. On the first evening, a Mind Recreation game under the theme, ‘Heroes’ allowed the participants to experience thinking, connection, leadership, strong mind, perseverance etc. through the games. On the second evening, they were divided into groups and learnt basic Korean and experienced Korean fan-making through classes prepared separately. On the last day, a K-POP competition took place. The participants performed dances or songs, showing their passion for K-POP. The volunteers prepared a special performance for this evening. They wore ‘Hanbok’ and danced to the song of ‘Gapdol and Gapsun,’ presenting then participants with joy.


The works of the gospel continued even after the volunteers returned to Korea. 5 students were connected to the Good News Mission Tondo Church after the Korean camp and they attended the Sunday Service there. About 60 people visited the Good News Mission Quezon Church at the Korean Class held on the 23rd. Although the young volunteers were lacking in many ways, God worked to spread the seed of the gospel through them as He had done with the four lepers. There are hopes for the works of the gospel in the Philippines in the future.

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