[Philippines] The Wonderful World Camp in Davao, Despite not Having an IYF Branch

<The Background to the hosting of the World Camp in Davao, Philippines>

On the 9th of February 2017, the World Camp in Davao opened it curtains at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP). If one mentions the Philippines, most people would think of the capital city, Manila in the Luzon Island, but the city that hosted this World Camp was a 2-hour plane journey away in the Island of Mindanao.


Recently, the city of Davao has become well-known as the current President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duerte, had been a mayor there for ten years. During his time as mayor, he decreased the crime rate until it had almost become 0%. In the capital city of Manila, it is dangerous for a foreigner to walk around at night but the city of Davao is well-known to be the second safest city in the whole of Asia.

Especially, despite not having a Mission branch or and IYF branch, the World Camp was still held in Davao.


The reason for that was the Superintendent of Education, Dr. Isabellita Borres, who attended the Mind Education training in 2014, in Korea, was moved to the Mindanao Island and requested for there to be Mind Education in her area as well. So, a presentation was organized to introduce the Mind Education. After the presentation, we visited the capital city of that Island, Davao, and registered for a Mind Specialist Training Seminar at the Ministry of Education. Then, going to the best university of the island, USeP, we delivered many letters of invitation and introductory brochure to the Chancellor of the University in order to invite him to the World Education Leaders’ Forum in Korea. The previous summer, the Ministry of Education in Davao gave permission for there to be a Seminar for the teachers before the World Camp in Korea and the Chancellor also decided to attend the World Education Leaders Forum.