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[Phoenix, USA] “Sis, Hurry Up and Get a Ticket!”


At 11:50 am today, Ms. Carol Lindenmayer who came to the Mesa Arts Center requested the journalist upon encounter. She confessed of all the things that happened last night as she asked for 4 Christmas Cantata tickets.


“On September 30th in Seattle, my younger sister suddenly called me saying that she had seen the Christmas Cantata. She said that I had to see this performance and that I would regret it if I didn’t, saying I should go look for a ticket right now.”

She came anxiously, afraid that she might not be able to find tickets. She carried away the tickets carefully saying she was “Excited and looking forward to today’s performance.’


In the afternoon, she returned to the performance hall, deeply moved in joy and lost in words as to what to say to the journalist.

“It was beyond imagination as my sister had told me. It was such a wonderful, magnificent performance. It was an unexpected stage but the one I liked the most was the 1st stage. It was a performance of the best class and every set was professional. In the 1st stage was the precise message of Jesus. In the middle, the pastor’s words showed us again the love and passion of Jesus.”

Many times, Jesus is forgotten in life but the words of the salvation of sins and Jesus’ passion could be felt again. Ms. Carol Lindenmayer expressed that she was thankful to be able to see this performance.


At the Mesa Art Center where the Christmas Cantata performance has opened for the first time was filled with 1400 citizens in excitement. Especially, Ms. Lindy says she came to the performance through the ‘Dear Neighbor’ letter but ‘(I) didn’t expect it to be such a great performance’ and sent a standing ovation during the “Hallelujah.”

“As I listened to the message of the pastor, I was reminded once again of what Jesus had done for us. Also, he delivered us the joy of the Christmas Cantata and allowed our whole family to get together, spend time, and share our hearts.”

Ms. Cressahabley says she was moved throughout the performance saying, “Gracias Choir’s class is top level.” She also added the ‘The expression of the meaning of Jesus and His birth really touched my heart’ in the 1st stage.

“It was so amazing. The message of Christmas is the Savior. He saved us from sins. I’m so thankful. “


Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel to the citizens of Phoenix who were filled with the heart of Christmas Cantata. “God wanted to work inside of every one of you tonight. God wants all of you to change to God’s thoughts, not the thoughts that you have. No matter how much sin you have, how filthy you are, or how evil you are, Jesus died for our sins. Also, He says our sins are finished. Jesus did not come to this earth to work with our sins but to end our sins on the cross. All you need to do is accept that into your hearts. At that moment, your hearts will become one with God. From then onwards, God will live inside you and work.” The citizens of Phoenix sent powerful applause of agreement.

“I believe! I believe.”


“The Gracias Choir was great today. I didn’t expect this much but I’ve never seen such a performance. Whatever happens, I will come back next year. The 1st stage that depicted the bible realistically really touched my heart. The 1st stage tells us the true meaning Christmas beyond Christmas and I was really moved.” – Alan and Catherine



Missionary Kwang Ryul Yu of Phoenix Church said he was filled with emotion as he looked back at the preparation process until now.

“Phoenix Church is small with only 5 church members but we became bold when we met with the name of the Mission. It is our first Cantata and I always thought that I was too young and lacking to make it work. But when I threw away those thoughts and joined hearts with God and saw God working, I felt that my thoughts are wrong and untrustworthy. I’m thankful.” – Phoenix Church Missionary Kwang Ryul Yu


The Christmas Cantata is scheduled to open in El Paso tomorrow. We look forward to the miracle in Phoenix to carry on to El Paso.



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