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Post Camp in Mongolia (June 22, 2011)

From June 10th to 12th, there was a post camp in Terelj following 2011 World Camp in Mongolia. During the camp, students from Mongolia and Korea—who’d joined through the World Camp—were divided into 18 classes for a three-day program. Both Korean and Mongolian students enjoyed horseback riding and playing soccer and dodgeball in unison. Though they felt awkward and unfamiliar in the beginning, they became united in one and enjoyed various programs. And during the folk dance time and dance competition, Mongolian students prepared a presentation that demonstrated their heart of IYF.

“We prepared a presentation to convey our thanks to those who’d shown us fine performances every day.” – Metsetseg, IYF Mongolia

Though it was a wanting performance, they had an ample heart to inspire the audience. Throughout the camp, students wholeheartedly participated in all programs and always tried to take part. Korean students were amazed to see how Mongolian students changed their hearts and rejoiced and delighted in minute things. Sharing such change of heart, they became close friends.

They had mind education every morning and evening. During each hour, Lincoln school presentations created a passionate atmosphere and inspired Mongolian students to participate in the event more actively. They also had time to share their hearts before listening to Pastor’s sermon. Students raised their hands to speak out their mind and were equally eager to listen to personal accounts by Korean students. Thus naturally they became engaged in a meeting where each student spoke of the word he or she had heard from mind education. Also, Pastor Hun Mok Lee preached sermon to help students have a better understanding of God and biblically explained how the world is unfolding and how we ought to live in such world. As students learned about new things they’d not known before, many became interested and even those who felt uneasy about listening to sermon gradually opened their hearts. As time progressed, we were able to witness Jesus taking place in those whose hearts seemed tightly closed against the word.

On second day, Mongolian IYF students had a special time—that is, they reorganized the IYF student organization. IYF president and vice present were appointed to advance IYF movement as they discussed in depth about prospective IYF activities. This way, the World Camp served as a cornerstone for IYF Mongolia that instilled IYF in the hearts of all students. Throughout the three-day event, students grew more happy and blessed.

“Ever since I’d met IYF, my friends and I always speak to each other based on topics that can change us. I think mind lecture has changed the scope of our conversation.” – Munkh Baysgalant, IYF Mongolia

John 2 speaks about a wedding feast experiencing the shortage of wine. But through Jesus, we discover the miracle of water changing into wine. Like this word, World Camp in Mongolia seemed like a failure since a fewer number of participants came along with other difficulties. But God worked in spite of this situation and provided us students who loved IYF. And through these students, IYF Mongolia became established. Now, many college students and teachers are volunteering to help prepare for World Camp in Korea. Thus we were able to discover God who’d led all initial hardships to goodness. Indeed we felt the love of God towards students in Mongolia. We are truly grateful to God for His work in Mongolia and we put our hopes high for His prospective work through IYF.

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