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Preparation News of the Mind Training for the Youth Leaders of Kenya (October 13, 2011)

So That the Youth of Kenya May Live With the Mindset…

Preparation News of the Mind Training for the Youth Leaders of Kenya – So That the Youth of Kenya May Live With the Mindset of IYF

“Please allow the youth of Kenya to live with the mindset of IYF.”

On the 5th of October at eleven in the morning, representatives of the IYF held an interview with the Prime Minister’s head strategist at the Prime Minister’s office. They received a letter that was written in the name of the vice minister. The letter included his gratitude towards the IYF for its support of its recent event managed by the Office of the Premier and for attending it full heartedly. It also stated that the government would donate transportation funds for attendants of the camp.

[The letter which was written in the name of the vice minister of the Office of the Premier; concerning the leaders of youth mind lectures.] (Official documents)

“Please educate the youth of Kenya to live with the mindset of the IYF.”

Last August during the World Camp in Kenya, the Prime Minister of Kenya promised to support IYF activities full heartedly. He declared that he would gather young youth leaders of Kenya, and requested of the IYF to educate these students through the World Camp so that the young youth of Kenya may gain the mindset of IYF and live their lives.

After receiving this request, the IYF established an education department in Kenya, and with the staff in charge of the Office of the Premier, the IYF promoted a meeting with members of practical affairs. Due to the IYF’s uncertainty while waiting for the Kenyan government’s execution of the educational program, the education department of IYF full heartedly promoted this event.

[Missionaries from eastern Kenya are preparing for this event.]

The conference for this event did not progress well, however amidst this situation we met the Vice Minister of Youth who attended the World Camp in Korea this summer and also the World Youth Ministers Forum. Through the Vice Minister promoting this event, preparations began to rapidly progress.

Prior to the encounter, though many months had passed there were barely any signs of visible progression. However, within a week all the conferences were held due to the Vice Youth Minister’s full hearted promotion. We encountered him coincidentally before the Prime Minister’s office; however God bestowed his grace upon us by allowing the work to progress through the help of the Vice Youth Minister.

[A conference was held with members of the Office of the Premier and representatives from each office to discuss the duties conference with the representatives from the Kenyan government.]

The book, ‘Who are you that drags me?’ was chosen as the instructional textbook. The Education Department of IYF decided to produce and donate, ‘Who are you that drags me?’ which has been selected as the instructional textbook for the Kenya Youth Leader Mind Training. The selection of ‘Who are you that drags me?’ as the instructional textbook gave great joy to the Education Department of IYF which has been involved in youth education activites for nearly twenty years.

Surrounding countries have gained interest and have applied for participation. As news of the Office of the Premier gathering 1,500 youth leaders from all over the country in order to receive training reached nearby countries, Youth Ministers from Burundi, South Sudan and Uganda have tried to bring the event to their individual countries and wish to participate along with attendants, thus starting a competition to hold mind training lectures. Currently, from the 6th of October discussions are taking place in the Youth Department of Tanzania on whether or not participation is necessary.

Plans have been made for the Prime Minister of Kenya to attend. Both Minister and Vice Minister of Youth from the Kenyan government are scheduled to attend, and plans have been made for the Prime Minister to attend on the 14th. Also, the Kenyan public media has praised the event saying it will bring new change in Kenya, and is filled with great interests towards the Youth Mind Training.

[The IYF Center in Kenya where the Youth Leader Mind Training will take place.]

This event was one which the Prime Minister of Kenya wished to hold. Pastor Park also wanted preach his message to the youth of Kenya and so we were all so thankful to God for opening this path.

We ask for your great interests and prayers for the mind training for the leaders of the youth of Kenya that will take place from the 10th of October until the 14th.

Date : October 10th(Mon) – 14th(Fri) Four nights and five days. Guest Speaker : Pastor Ock Soo Park (Head pastor of Good News Gangnam Church, Chief Advisor of IYF)

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