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Representatives from 5 Different Denominations Sign a Declaration of Support

Representatives from 5 different Denominations Sign a Declaration of Support for the Good News Mission

Christian leaders, representing different denominations and Christian Associations, came together in the afternoon of February 13th and presented the Declaration of Partnership and Endorsement for the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF). This happened subsequent to the Christian Leaders attending and greatly supporting the CLF that was held during the 2019 Panama World Cultural Camp. 

12 Representatives from 5 protestant churches in Central America
. This initiative was arranged by the Secretary General of Costa Rica Protestant Association Pastor Rigoberto Vega, along with other senior officials such as the Secretary General of Protestant Church, and President of Pastors Association from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. These Christian Leaders attended the CLF and listened to the Gospel of Jesus through Pastor Ock Soo Park during CLF and was impacted and moved to write and declare a supporting statement for the CLF for Central America. This expected endorsement will become a great help in preaching the gospel in Latin America. Pastor Regoberto Vega, who attended the CLF and Bible Crusade in Korea last May, said very firmly, “I will visit those who had been interfering with the CLF in Panama with this Statement and talk to them one by one about their negative statements towards the CLF. I will use this Statement for the Latin America Protestant Church Association, so no one will slander the CLF.” This has become great happiness to us, and we glorify God.

Below is the Declaration that was written and signed. Declaration of Support by 12 representatives of 5 countries in Central and South America “We, the signers, have attended the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) held at Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, the Capital City of Panama, on February 12 and 13, 2019. We recognize that the Good News Mission is established by God and has its churches in 94 different countries. We, hereby, affirm that Good News Mission is a biblical church that preaches true doctrine and pure gospel centered around Christ, based on original gospel Christian faith, and it clearly is the church that the Lord uses strongly in spreading the gospel all over the world.

The Good News Mission is actively working through Christian Leaders Fellowship with the sole purpose of establishing and blessing the Pastors of different denominations and platforms.

The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) has more than 180 branch offices all over the world, and they do the work of nurturing the youths and forming the leaders of tomorrow in different fields, such as politics, social, economy, and especially spiritual aspects. IYF brings them primarily to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through receiving the forgiveness of sins.

We invite all the Christian community to confidently collaborate with different events that recognize the Good News Mission all over the world, without hesitation. I believe this will give great blessing for you as it was blessing for us.”

After the Support Declaration, Pastor Rigoberto Vega is hugging. Pastor Carlos Denis, Vice President of Panama Christian Association, is signing on the Declaration of Partnership and Endorsement.



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