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[Rwanda] God Who Works When We Preach the Gospel

On March 17th, 2013, the Kigali Church in Rwanda invited Missionary Go Bong Jin as the guest speaker for their conference.

Missionary Go Bong Jin spoke about the topic “The Gospel of Christ vs. Other Gospels” as he explained how God thinks of sin, the law, repentance, salvation and the life of faith of humans. He then spoke in comparison about how Satan deceives us. After the sermon, the brothers and sisters broke into groups and received strength as they preached to the new souls. Especially during this conference, the family members and relatives of the brothers and sisters were able to hear the gospel in much detail. It became a great joy to the Rwanda church as their family members received salvation.

On the 19th, the last day of the conference, the members of the Rwanda church performed a traditional dance. This dance team of the Rwanda church was formed by Brother Otresh, who had experience in leading a traditional dance team before he had received salvation. Because most of the dance members were not people who originally attended our church, most of them disliked the gospel being preached to them at the end of each dance practice. However, one by one, they started to receive salvation.

“I first joined the dance team because I liked Rwanda’s traditional dance, but I rejected the words that were being preached because it was so different from what I already knew. However, I was able to receive salvation as I listened to the words that were being preached at the conference. It was different from my own thoughts, but it was exactly what the Bible was saying. After I received salvation, I invited my mother and she received salvation as well. I have become a righteous and holy person through the blood of Jesus. I am so thankful to God because of this truth.” (Sister Ladus, a member of the dance team)

Although not all the dance members have received salvation and some of them continue to refuse the gospel, we believe that God will save each and every member.

During the conference, a sister named Postine made a salvation testimony. She stated that she had been to many churches before but was not able to find the answer to her question, “How to believe in God.” After she gave up, she was led by a neighbor who was a sister of our church, to the Rwanda Kigali Church and was able to hear the gospel. She had heard the gospel before but she still had a lot of questions and it wasn’t ever clear in her heart. Meanwhile, she was in surgery for giving birth, she was able to look upon her soul. She realized, “When God looks at me, He sees me through Jesus, and that is why I am righteous.” She testified that that was the time faith came to her so that she could receive salvation. The brothers and sisters shouted “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!” as they heard the testimonies of God’s work, things that humans cannot do.

There are still a few problems with the Rwanda, Kigali Church. Because they are not yet an official church, the church could close down at any time. That is the reason why they had to buy a plot of land and build the church on it. With these types of circumstances, the power we have seems so insufficient. However, Pastor Ock Soo Park had preached saying Jesus will take care of all problems when we preach the gospel. Through this word, they continue preaching the gospel with a heart full of hope. Just like how the brothers and sisters of Korea have formed small groups to study the Bible and preach the gospel, the brothers and sisters of Rwanda have received that heart and have started to study the Bible and preach the gospel at home, at work, and at school as well.

Please pray for Rwanda!

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