[S. Korea] 2020 Korean Churches Easter Online Joint Worship

Updated: May 22, 2020

On April 12 (Sun), To celebrate Easter, the Korea Christian Association (KCA) held the “2020 Korean Churches Easter Online Joint Worship”.

As this Easter Joint Worship was held online, not only the churches affiliated with KCA (Korea Christian Association) but also churches and Christians all across the world attended and recorded the largest number of attendees in history for the Easter Worship hosted by the KCA.

Pastor Ock Soo Park preaching at the 2020 Korean Churches Easter Online Joint Worship

On this day through the Youtube channel (GoodNewsTV), Good News Mission website, GoodNewsTV app, Facebook, video chatting apps and more, the worship was broadcast globally in 94 countries in 6 languages (Korean, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish). More than 6 million Christians, Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) affiliated pastors and others were in attendance.

Through the South America Facebook page, hundreds of thousands attended and there were 3100 comments during the worship.

In Asia, through Youtube, Facebook and other social media, the broadcast was live streamed and around 1,500,000 people watched. In South America, many churches from various countries that got connected through the retreat hosted by the Good News Mission branches and CLF watched together. In South America and Africa, broadcast stations and churches received the video from Youtube and broadcasted it through retransmission, and together with Europe and Oceania, approximately 500,000 people attended.

Additionally, through CLF, 240,000 pastors listened to the word of the Good News Mission. Recently due to the corona virus, India and many countries in Europe have restricted moving about thus many people could not go to service nor attend service as churches could not prepare broadcasts, but through Youtube many church members and pastors tuned in to the Online Easter Worship.

In particular, in South America while the worship was broadcast live on social media, over 3000 comments were written and many testimonies that “My sins have been washed” came flooding.

At this site of the South American online broadcast

“We connected and broadcast to Church alliances, Christian federations and groups that attended CLF as well as our mission’s Facebook page in Spain. The most amazing thing was that as the morning broadcast began (Saturday evening local time) the number of people watching quickly grew, and an unprecedented number of people tuned in to watch and there were over 3000 comments. I was able to read messages of how people got saved, how their sins became as white as snow, how they became justified and sanctified in front of God and more. Many people sent their regards and thanked the pastor through the broadcast, I praise God for the hard work of sharing the Word of God.” – Carlos / Mexico (Manager for the South America Internet Service)

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