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(San Antonio, USA) God setting the location of the heart

 Scenery of San Antonio from the Tower of the Americas

We have arrived in the third city in Texas for the Christmas Cantata which is San Antonio. This is the city with the second largest population after Houston, and unlike many other breezy cities San Antonio met us with summer like sunshine.

In San Antonio there is the famous remains of the ‘The Alamo Mission’ during the Texas Independence War. The fortress was a place where the residents of Alamo 185 of them fought agains 1000 Mexican soldiers and got completely annihilated. Many tourists come to see the remaining sites of this place

The Alamo

The Hemisfair Park in the city is also a place with beautiful landscape and woods. In the park there is the Tower of the Americas and through it you are able to see the whole city of San Antonio at a glance.

San Antonio’s Special Attraction, Tower of the Americas

River Walk is also one of the main tourist attractions which can be enjoyed in San Antonio. The scenery you see as you walk the walking rail, or ride a boat down the river is very beautiful.

River Walk

Many Tourist Boats

From two hours before the performance, many people started to line up for the Christmas Cantata. When the auditorium opened at 6pm people stormed inside. 2400 seats were completely filled and 300 people because they had no seats, they had to go back home.

Inside of the Lila Cockrell Theatre

 I hope I win the raffle!

Are you ready to begin? Yes!!!!!!!. The audience could not hide their excitement for the performance.

“She will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their sins.”

The ninth Christmas Cantata began with the applause of the San Antonio citizens.

As Anna the troublemaker made a big mess and laughed to herself the audience laughed along with her.

As Anna starts to realize the love of her parents as she walks alone on a snowy and cold night, the audience also started to know about the love of their families and their close ones.

The citizen of San Antonio spent a great Christmas as they laughed, cried and were surprised along with Anna.

At the end of each stage the audience did not hesitate to stand and deliver a standing ovation. Especially in the first act the standing ovation given as the curtains closed to cover Jesus, felt like all of San Antonio was standing in front of Jesus.

The third stage, the inspirational oratorio started and one by one people started to stand up. It felt like the people of San Antonio were reacting to the heart of God who wants to bless America.

Pastor Joseph Park of Good News New York Church

Citizens listening attentively to the word

Maria’s family

“We came this year as well as last year to see the Cantata. Because the name of the performance was the same, I though the story and everything will be the same. However I was surprised by the much improved Christmas Cantata when compared to last year. The message that the pastor spoke to us was really nice too. It is because the heart of God which pastor preached about is the truth. I was worried of not receiving invitation tickets because we moved homes, but I was surprised by the fact that we received the tickets once again. I will come again next year so please send us the letters again!” – Maria

Berdecia’s family

“The tickets were given out at work so I came with my family. It was truly an awesome performance. The solos of the sopranos were great too, but I really liked the short songs sung by the tenors and altos in the first stage. My favorite part of the Cantata was the police man. He danced and sung so well with that big body and he was really funny. I don’t know how they managed to put in all that message in the short time of two hours. I was amazed at the fact that they expressed all the necessary stories within the two hours. We lined up from 5 o’clock and waited two hours to see the performance, but I would have waited five hours to see the performance!” – Berdecia

Figueroa’s whole family who came for a night out

“All of my family came to see the Cantata! Anna’s stage in the second act was most fun. I especially liked the part where Anna realizes about the things she has forgotten and discovers a truly happy Christmas with her family. I think it touched me more because the story of Anna is the story that could be most related to our lives. Because we have an Anna in our family. (Laughter) The youngest sister is Anna, that is why we watched with greater interest. Also the message that pastor preached to us about Christmas was good too, it made me really think a lot. Because you don’t think about these things before someone tells you about it. However as pastor precisely spoke about the things, it made me think about the existence of God, and also it was an opportunity for me to look back at my life.” – Figueroa’s family

Pastor Evie and family

“I requested for tickets after hearing about the Cantata on the radio. I am a pastor in charge of the Sunday School in my church, and I thought what would be the best gift I could give to the Sunday School students and I thought it would be the Christmas Cantata tickets therefore I requested for 150 tickets. I handed out the tickets one by one to the Sunday School students and their families. I handed out the tickets saying ‘you have to make sure that you come!’. (Laughter) There are many people who don’t know what God has done for us, but I think it is great to let people know about God through this beautiful performance! Thank you for the very touching performance!” – Evie

Audience who filled the theatre are listening to the word

Many people in order to live a better life work harder and decide their own position. “I lack,” “I always make mistakes,” “I need to put in more effort.” However if you live the life that God has decided for you then you can always live a happy life. Man with the infirmity for 38 years, the women caught in the act of adultery as well as the paralytic man had no good conditions that they could find within themselves, but when Jesus came and decided their positions in their life they were able to escape from darkness. Just like how the Lord moved the location of their hearts into the light, he also moved the hearts of the people of San Antonio to light. Although the position of the citizen’s heart was ‘sinner,’ God changed the position of their hearts into “Cleansed man, holy man, and a righteous man.” The secret of happiness which is living with God’s heart instead of my own heart was also preached to the people of San Antonio.



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