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[San Antonio, USA] “We Can Wait 4 Hours to See It!”

The 20th city is San Antonio.

Around 3:00 pm at the Lila Cockerell Theatre

(가운데 안경 쓴 부인이 주딧 Judith)

“We weren’t able to get into the 3 o’clock performance but we’re first in line for the 7 o’clock performance!” Mrs. Judith says she has seen the Gracias Choir on a clip on the internet site, Youtube. She has skipped her supper meal in case she misses this great performance and waited for four hours until the concert hall opened again. On October 11th, the Christmas Cantata was held twice – at 3pm and 7pm – at the San Antonio Lila Cockerell Theatre.

Lorena 자매

“All the people of San Antonio must see this extremely beautiful Christmas Cantata performance.” Ms. Lorena, who heard the broadcast of Missionary Hojun Choi on Christian radio felt like she found light inside a tunnel of agony and wanted to meet Missionary Choi. “I used to go to church diligently and was very active. But there was always sin in my heart. I believed in Jesus but I was in a lot of pain because sin was still left. By chance, I heard the Words preached by Missionary Choi through a Christian radio broadcast and I felt like my spiritual conflict could be solved. I really felt like I had to meet him so I called. I always thought I was a sinner while serving Jesus whenever I saw myself so lacking and evil. But I was wrong. Pastor Choi showed me my true self through the bible. I found peace in my heart when I discovered the fact that I am righteous. Jesus died for us and we have become holy inside Jesus.” She left her previous church and is attending the Good News San Antonio Church. She was very surprised after attending today’s Christmas Cantata. She has now found happiness inside Jesus after long painful times before meeting Jesus. “I usually really like Broadway Art Works but the performance I saw today is extremely different from the ones I’ve seen before. It was amazing!”

Around 5:00 pm at the Lila Cockerell Theatre

Victor 목사

Pastor Victor of TBN Broadcast Station came to the Christian Leader’s Meeting with his family. Having a bright smile on after attending the event, he was discussing how to put Pastor Ock Soo Park’s mind lecture in youth programs. He expressed that he was astonished at the message of Pastor Ock Soo Park.


“The Words of God has the heart of God in it. When our hearts are connected to the heart of God, our lives change. These Words are like innovative Words of reform and it must be preached to my children and our descendants. I want to create a relationship not only with this mission and our family but also our church on how to preach this Word of God. Also, I want to help the youths to participate!

파블로 Pablo 목사

As soon as the Christian Leader’s Meeting was over, Pastor Pablo shook hands with Pastor Ock Soo Park with compliments such as “Great” and said the following. “The Words were really great. The point of the Pastor’s Words is the fact that we are righteous. We all need to hear this but people don’t know well. We have become righteous through Jesus but they don’t really believe it. They can’t believe the part where we are completely righteous through Jesus. People follow their thoughts so they go the bad way. The Pastor said in the end that there will be a Dallas World Christian Leader’s Conference and I want to go there with my family in Dallas.”


Around 7:00 pm at the Lila Cockerell Theatre


The seats were completely full in both performances at 3pm and 7pm! 4800 San Antonio citizens spent a joyful and meaningful moment with family and friends through the Christmas Cantata today.

린다 Linda)

“Someone in church told me about the Cantata and I came today and it was really fun. The 1st stage that unravels in detail how Jesus came to this earth and was born in our hearts was magnificent. The shepherd, the angels; everything was harmonious and inspiration in itself.” –Linda


Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the story of Sister Su Hyun Choi who had myelitis as an example in the message of the Cantata performance. “Sister Su Hyun Choi couldn’t even walk from myelitis and cancer spread throughout her whole body. But she discovered the fact, ‘To overcome this myelitis, I must become one heart with God.’ Whatever anyone says, when God’s heart and my heart becomes connected as one, we can believe God’s Words that we are ‘righteous, clean, holy.’ If you simply believe in the Words of God, all of you can live a happy life.” – Excerpt from Pastor Ock Soo Park’s message


“I participated today as a volunteer. After ushering the citizens, I went into the performance hall to see the performance and it was very touching. Especially the words of the Pastor moved my heart. The Words that showed the love of Jesus taught me something important. He said the tabernacle is not on this earth but in Heaven and Jesus was already offered on the tabernacle in Heaven so we no longer have sins and we are righteous. Once you’re righteous, you’re righteous forever and I was so thankful. After the performance, everyone that came out of the theatre would tell me, “thank you” and it was very meaningful. I really like the well-scripted plot of the Cantata that gave joy to the people.” – Venezia


“The 2nd stage that was based on family was impressive and made me think how important family is. Christmas is actually something spent with family.” – Vella


It was full house in the afternoon performance of the Christmas Cantata in San Antonio. The inspiration and love delivered to the San Antonio citizens doubled into the evening performance. Tomorrow, the performance begins in the city of New Orleans that awaits the Gracias and eagerly looks forward to the Cantata.

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