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[San Jose] San Jose Church brother’s member training and witnessing trip to Fresno region where one

The brothers from the Good News San Jose Church left their busy family life aside and went on a witnessing trip and members training for 2 nights and 3 days to Fresno which is 3 hours away from San Jose to sow the seed of the gospel with the will of God to establish 500 churches in the United States. Starting a few months ago in Sacramento which is a region near San Jose, they clearly saw that although a church was not yet established God as prepared new souls. The brothers and pastor accepted the faith of the servant that God has surely prepared new souls in other cities and left to Fresno on May 8th after Sunday service in three groups.

Starting the next day, they divided into a market, school promotion and home visiting teams. The Market team went to markets in the neighboring areas and began witnessing and handing out IYF World Camp flyers and newspapers. Although there were difficulties such as the security from the markets banned to witness and there were complaints, when we put our hope and rely on God ignoring the situation we were not bound by anything in our hearts and we were able to freely witness at the markets.

Deacon Rex and Brother Matthew in the School Promotion team visited high schools and colleges in the area and directly promoted our events to the students. Deacon Rex introduced the IYF and programs and held a time to explain about the August World Camp and brother Matthew testified how his life changed after meeting the IYF and when he gave his testimony about how God has led him in Malawi while he was there as a short term missionary, we were able to feel that many students became interested in the IYF. Specially, through a teacher whom we met coincidently from Edison High School, the teacher introduced us to the teacher from Sunnyvale High School and we were able to introduce the IYF to the teachers and principal. The common theme was that when they heard about the IYF and the mind program, they all agreed that this is a program all the students need and that they will proactively help us with the activities and the promotion of the IYF. God opened the way for us to be able to continue activities at the schools and we are very hopeful to see how God will work in other schools in this region.

The third home visiting team, as they left San Jose they heard that Brother David’s grandmother lives in that region so they went and preached the gospel to her. She received salvation and shed tears of happiness and was touched and said she has now met the true God and opened her heart to the servant and brothers from the church and they were so grateful to God. The next day they time to continue fellowship with Brother David’s grandmother and although it was a very short time they were able to see that God was strongly leading her heart. After having a brief lunch time with her the team returned to San Jose.

Although there were many things we lacked since this was our first time go to on a witnessing team and we thought 2 nights and 3 days was too short for us to witness, as we returned in our hearts we saw our image and that God works day by day according to His promise regardless of how we may view the situation and that He has already began working in the hearts of the students and people in that region. Furthermore, the brothers did not have time in their busy schedules to share their hearts together but through the MT (members training) they shared and united their hearts in the work of preaching the gospel and learned that they become truly one when they are together for the gospel.

We are hopeful and looking forward to see how God will work in Fresno!

Writer: Good News San Jose Church – Jae Bum Kim

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