[San Jose] Second witnessing trip by the San Jose church to Fresno which will become one of the 500

Last May 23rd – 24th for 1 night 2 days, the San Jose Church went on a witnessing trip to Fresno. A few weeks ago the brothers went to Fresno and experienced much grace and also this time we had a very fruitful trip. During the last trip we met two high schools and this time around we were able to go to the schools and introduce the World Camp and Korea Experience Program.

We left early in the morning from the church and split into two teams one to Sunnyside High School and the other to Edison High School to witness. The students there showed much interest in the World Camp and Korea Experience Program.

After finishing witnessing at the two high schools we went to other high schools to meet with the principals. Although we were not able to meet with all the principal of each school we had a great opportunity to introduce the World Camp and Korea Experience Program to the school administration. We came back to our rooms and took a little rest, and coincidently we played basketball with people from Sacramento and we introduced IYF to them and they showed much interest. They asked if there’s a church in Sacramento and we told them that we have not yet established a church but we do have a location where we hold services. On the second day we divided into three teams. Two teams went to the high schools they went the day before to introduce the program and one team went to Mclance High School to promote. Many students in Sunnyside and Edison High School attended the introduction session and approximately 40 students from each school said they would like to attend the World Camp and Korea Experience Program. After completing the activities, we divided into two teams and each team invited the principals and school officials to dinner who helped us with the promotion activities. Amongst them, the vice principal of Sunnyside High School decided to send his son to Korea Experience Program and his daughter to Good News Corps program.