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[Seoul] “Easter is the Day We Have Been Justified!”

2017 Korean Churches Together Easter Service

– 20000 Congregation from All over the Country at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul

– Three Services, 6am, 10am, 3pm

– Testimony of Sister Yun Ock Kim of Good News Kansas Church

– The Choir Performance of the National Church Choir (700 people)

– National Modern Dance Competition

“Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected after three days. Let us be happy and full of joy. On this happy day, let us praise and celebrate Jesus, who has resurrected, with one heart.”        – Pastor Ock Soo Park

Jesus Christ has taken upon himself all of our sins and shed his blood on the cross. The Lord, who resurrected in three days, gave comfort and happiness to the disciples who were in deep worries. The Lord lives likewise in our hearts today. The Easter service praised the Lord with joy and thankfulness.

This event took place in the Gocheok Sky Dome (Home Field of Professional Baseball Team, Nexen Heroes) located in Seoul. There were over 20, 000 participants from Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan and many more areas around Korea. Over 100 buses had been used to arrive at this venue.


There were 3 services, one at 6am, 10am and 3pm respectively. There were long lines of people and vehicles waiting for entry to the venue, even from the early morning.

“This is the first time that I am participating in the Easter service in Seoul. We took off from Daegu at 11pm and I am so thankful that we were able to make it in time for the early morning service. The two disciples, who were on their way to Emmaus were sad, but only because they did not know that Jesus had resurrected. However, when they met Jesus Christ, they changed. It is because they believed in Jesus who had washed our sins and resurrected. I am so happy of having been able to receive the grace of being able to have service today with the brothers and sisters. Because Jesus is with me, I also enjoy peace and happiness. Thank you.”

-Deaconess Yun Hwa Lee, Good News Daegu Church

Easter Message



Pastor Ock Soo Park took to the stage as the main speaker for the Easter Service.

In Luke 24, it is written, ‘that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.’ By Jesus Christ dying on the cross with all of my sins, my sins have been washed as white as know and I have been justified. Although we have sinned, we have received justification and sanctification in the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus has risen for our justification. Today, the best way for us to praise and celebrate Jesus Christ is by shouting, “We have become justified. We are justified!”

Pastor Park preached the powerful message that ‘Easter is the day that we have become justified.’


“As I saw how the many saved Christians filled the Gochuk Sky Dome, I was touched. ‘He has risen for our justification’. This word was preached to us today and I was able to engrave the meaning of Easter (the day that we have become justified) in my heart again. I am so thankful that we were able to have this occasion.” (Good News Daegu Church, Sister Jung Hye Ryu)

“I was so moved by the brothers and sisters who have gathered from all over the country to the participate in this Easter service together. It made me think, ‘I am also one of the saved congregation’. It was my first time hearing the choir made up of 700 people sing, but it was great. There are many times when, although I have received salvation, my emotions and my thoughts become greater and I saw many times where I was often swayed by my own emotions without looking at the Word. The word in Romans 3:24 really organized my heart so I was so thankful. I now know what God wants the most is for us to shout out that we are justified.” (Ju Young Yang, Gwangju, 24 years old)

Testimony of Sister Yun Ok Kim


Before the sermon, there was a time for testimony. The one who took to the stage was Sister Yun Ok Kim of Good News Kansas Church in America. Sister Kim delivered the testimony of how she had defeated cancer through the word.

Sister Kim, who had been living a life of following her flesh, was caught by fear and despair after she was diagnosed with cancer. The sister, who had just been waiting for her death and the end

She delivered the powerful love that she had received from God and the love rang in the hearts of the many people that filled the Sky Dome.

It was a thankful time in which everyone could have one heart full of thankfulness.

National Churches Together Choir


During each service, the people’s attentions were drawn towards a single area. On the left hand stand, next to the stage, there was the choir that was formed of many choirs gathering together from all over the country. The choir had over 700 members. The conductor was Professor Sergei and the piano was played by Professor Oksana.

The songs that they sang together filled the whole Dome and also filled the hearts of those who were listening to their beautiful music. The wonderful, heart-moving songs of the choir rang clearly around the hall during every service.


During lunch, many people, such as families or church members shared their food with one another. Their faces were automatically filled with smiles and it was a much more delicious meal because of the fact that everyone was together. After the meal, everyone took their time to relax and even take a walk around the venue. This time was a very thankful time after the participants had received peace in their hearts through the Easter sermon.

“Coming to the glorious Sky Dome to do this singing in the early morning, somehow my heart was still far away. However, during prayer, I realized, ‘Jesus has resurrected in my heart. Whoever has that resurrection in their hearts is righteous’. My heart was so moved by the word during the sermon today that Jesus was raised for our justification. It was such a happy time in which I was able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus through hymns, prayer, and service.” (Good News Daegu Church Sister Yun Hwa Jung / National United Churches Choir)

National Modern Dance Competition


After lunch, the main round of the ‘National Modern Dance Competition’ took place so added to the happiness of the Easter event. The spirited teams, that had already passed the regional preliminaries, came to the main stage to give a competitive performance. There were 6 Sunday School groups, 4 student groups and 6 youth groups. All the teams performed so well that it was difficult to decide who was the winner. Through all the performances, one could feel the enthusiasm and the purity of the youth.

The winners are recorded below.

Sunday School [Grand Prize – Jeonju Little Stars/ Gold Prize – Gangnam Safari/ Silver Prize – Hanbat Veniel]

Student [Grand Prize – Masan Estrellas / Gold Prize – Gwangju Iglet / Silver Prize – Bucheon Bling Bling]

Youth [Grand Prize – Seoul Yongma Righteous / Gold Prize – Jeonju Most Rich / Silver Prize – Hanbat Trepen]


For one day, people celebrated and praised the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The word of the Lord was also plentiful. The Lord has resurrected in our hearts and gives light and hope to our hearts as well as courage and strength. We cannot help but be thankful for this.

The risen Lord leads us to accomplish His will. When we are one with that will, there is hope and happiness in our hearts, allowing us to live in peace. We give the thanks and glory to the risen Lord.



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