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[Seoul, Korea] The Only Way to Save the Woman Caught in Adultery, through Jesus Who is the Light

The first day of the Spring Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir

The Good News Mission’s Spring Bible Seminar, with guest speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park, began from 8th May under the title ‘The Lamb of God, Who Takes Away the Sin of the World.’


The Bible Seminar began with Pastor Young Joo Park as host and Pastor Hun Mok Lee’s prayer. The brothers and sisters of the Seoul region prepared this Bible Seminar wholeheartedly through street stall witnessing, newspapers, and bus advertisements. During this preparation period there were works of salvation and connection especially through the street stalls that were located in various places.




The hymns heard from the bright clear voices of the Gracias Preparatory School Student Choir presented peace and rest in the hearts of the participants, and the choir received ardent applause from the audience. A violin solo by Chingiz Osmanov followed.





The Gracias Choir, that goes to wherever the Gospel is being spread throughout the world to gift their beautiful music, knocked on the hearts of the people participating in the Bible Seminar with their beautiful hymns even today.




On the first day, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the Words through John 8:1-11.

“When something stronger than the woman’s own heart pulled her heart along she could not help but to fall into sin. We cannot overcome evil, free ourselves from darkness, nor wash our sins by ourselves. Because we cannot overcome Satan with our strength, Jesus came to this earth. When Jesus, who is the light enters our heart, we are naturally freed from darkness and gain peace, joy, and happiness.”


When we open our hearts and speak, God’s heart flows into us. After the sermon, many people were seen sincerely taking part in faith counselling. The newly invited people were able to listen more about today’s sermon through individual fellowship. Through this Bible Seminar especially, the brothers and sisters who normally had difficulties letting out what was in their hearts were able to have a blessed time in which they had fellowship with pastors and filled their hearts with God’s Words.


Through the Bible Seminar with Guest Speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park, which began in 1986 in Busan and has been held regularly for the past 30 years every spring and fall, the truth of the Gospel has been preached and God has worked for the salvation of many people. During this Bible Seminar especially, the ‘Interdenominational Christian Leaders’ Meeting’ is scheduled to be held from the second day of the seminar on Monday, 9th May at 2:30pm in the Jamsil Indoor Stadium Seminar Room and we look forward to the miraculous works of the gospel being preached to general church pastors.

The Bible Seminar is scheduled to begin on May 8th evening until the 11th (Wednesday) twice a day at 10:30am and 7:30pm at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium and from the 12th, the venue will change to the Good News Mission Gangnam Church until 14th (Saturday). Moreover, it will be broadcasted live worldwide through the Good News Mission website and Good News TV webpage and application.

We are hopeful that God, who fills each day with hope through the beautiful sound of the Gospel blooming in places throughout the world, will revive the many dead souls in the Seoul region through the Gospel being delivered through this Bible Seminar and bear abundant fruits of the Gospel.

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