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(Seoul) ‘The spiritual life that God does and what I do are different.’

‘Give unto Jesus all your problems.’   On the last day of the Bible conference which was the 8th of November Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the difference between the ‘spiritual life that I do and the spiritual life that God does,’ as he explained about the story of Cain and Able in Genesis chapter 4. It was an occasion for the audience to rule the freedom they gained as they moved into God’s heart from their own hearts.

The performance began with the united choir of the Seoul and Kyeongin region. Afterwards there was the Marimba performance by DaeHyun Yun who played ‘Across the River Jordan,’ then the Gracias Choir sang ‘The Prayer,’ ‘More the Conquerors,’ and ‘Altogether Christians.’ These performances delivered joy to the audience as they sang of Jesus’ love for us which took away all our sins.

Pastor Park testified about how in 1980 he was invited to the leper’s village as a guest speaker during the winter and was in fear and concerns, but as he prayed to God and read Mark chapter 14 verse 3 he saw how even Jesus went into Simon the leper’s house and that made him think ‘Even such high and holy Jesus went into Simon the leper’s house but how can such a lowly man like me be hesitating?’ As he had this heart his hesitant heart in going to the leper’s village disappeared.

Just like how a driver goes around any obstacles on the road whenever God gets rid of obstacles like despair, suffering and concerns in my heart I cannot describe how thankful I am. This Bible explains about the world of the heart. From Genesis to Revelations it is not simply stories but it is filled with stories which changes the filthy, dirty and hardened heart.

Afterwards, Pastor spoke about the farmers in the vineyard in Matthew chapter 21 and how although they received the grace of their master, due to their hearts of believing in themselves they were unable to help themselves from sinning. The farmers in the vineyard would’ve certainly had a thankful heart towards the master of the vineyard and would have had the heart to treat their master better and serve him well, but when the servants of the master came they killed them. This time more servants came, they thought ‘this time we should not fight and ask for forgiveness,’ however that did not work out and again they severely beat the servants and killed them. At last the master sent his beloved son, and the servants thought, ‘now we should apologise of our wrongdoings, we are such bad people we should kneel down in front of the son, but will he forgive us so suddenly? Then it would be rather better to kill the son as well.’

So many people in this world thinks ‘I should quit drinking, I should not be playing computer games,’ however they are unable to stop themselves. Many people also think that if they try hard in their spiritual lives they can do it well and even with regards to their lives they think that if they want to live well they can, and that is where many people are deceived. There are so many people who think that they can simply make money, live a kind and diligent life, but they end up perishing.

Pastor Ock Soo Park also spoke about how in the past he had the heart of wanting to raise his daughter well, but as her daughter was burnt by the coal and realized himself who could do nothing to help her he realized that he could never raise his children well. At the time as he held on to his daughter who was sleeping he prayed saying ‘God please help my daughter to recover quickly without any scars,’ and as he prayed it felt like God was whispering into his ears ‘you wanted to raise your children well right?’ and I realized how foolish it was to say that I was going to raise my children properly.

And then I  changed my prayers, ‘God I thought wrong, I can never raise my daughter well. Just like how you have protected me God, please protect my children too.’ As I raised my children I realized that I cannot compare myself raising my children and God raising my children for me. Therefore if you have no faith learn about faith and throw everything unto God. Preparing myself for retirement, spiritual life that I do and the spiritual life that God does, what I do and what God does cannot be compared.

When I was young my heart was weak, I was short and my body was weak. As I became over the age of fifty, the heart problems grew worse and during the May Bible Conference in 1999 it felt like my heart was going to stop beating and it was a really difficult time for me. However, during August of 1999 we had a retreat in the Songho Pine field and God cured my heart perfectly so I became the person with the strongest heart in our church.

Pastor preached about how the filthy, dirty thoughts as wells as concerns and fear are driven out by God each day and replaced with hope and thankfulness, also in regards to cleansing sin, children problems, retirement problems, family problems and also spiritual life problems Pastor asked a favor saying let’s switch from the spiritual life that we live to the spiritual life where God lives for us so that we can rest and believe that Jesus will solve all our problems.

“Because I hated my father who believed in a fortune teller and did all the rituals I had the heart that if I could avoid going through all that I would go anywhere. That is how I started going to church for sixty years now. A while ago I met sisters who were promoting the Bible seminar near my house. My daughter told me not to give away my phone number to anybody, but to the sisters I gave my phone number and also told them my name thinking I am just an old woman. After that I forgot about it for a while then one day they contacted me again. They told me that there was a Bible seminar so I came to attend it. I thought that one had to beg for the forgiveness of sin. However I now believe in the word that Jesus has resolved all my sins. Although I come to sin again, I receive forgiveness not through begging for forgiveness but because Jesus has taken away all my sins I believe I am cleansed.’ (Sunhwa Han/ 82)

“Before when I went to church because I wanted to believe in Jesus, because they were preaching in old manner of speech like saying  ‘do repentance’ I was unable to have the heart of wanting to return to the church. But when my colleague preached the word to me I felt that it was the words I was seeking for as it the words felt very refreshing, that is how I came to the seminar. Also amongst my neighbors there was a sister who was going to the Dondaemoon Church so a way for me to live spiritual life has been opened.   Because my mother in law was Buddhist I followed her. Although I followed my mother in law to the Buddhist temple I knew that it was not the faith that I was seeking for. On the outside for my relationship with my mother in law I went to the Buddhist temple, but inside there was a certain emptiness which was not being filled that is why I seemed to go to church but even there I was unable to find something to fill the emptiness.   I came here with a heart to learn. I listened to the sermon of Pastor Park from beginning to the end. I was happy to hear that all my sins have been cleansed perfectly. When I simply listened to the sermons bit by bit I just simply thought ‘ok..’ but today as I listened to the entire sermon I realized I received the forgiveness of sin. As I had fellowship with one of the pastor’s wives I think a focal point has been decided in my heart. The words which said that I was ‘perfected forever’ remained in my heart therefore I was very thankful. I also remember pastor’s words where he spoke about how in every situation if you plant hope, hope will grow and on the other hand if you plant despair, despair will grow. I sought God due to the panics and the irritations of my life, however I realized about planting hope in everything that I face everyday. I am thankful.” (Yewon Kim/ 58)

“I read in the Chosen Journal about this Bible Conference and I thought ‘I must go there.’ Maybe it was because I was suffering because of sin, but the words were really easy to understand. ‘I will cleanse their iniquities and remember it no more. This is the word of the Lord.’ That is it! God said that he will remember it no more.. I was very thankful to God. Elders and Pastors in other churches say that they have received the forgiveness of sin, but in their lives they still seek for forgiveness of sin, but through a man’s actions it cannot be attained. (Laughter) My work schedule this week allowed some time for me to buy a book listen to the word of God day  and night and I was simply very happy. Because during this conference pastor preached the word so easily it was delivered to my heart.” (Hyukjae Lim/ 65)

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