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“Since I believe in myself” 2011 Pastors Symposium news (November 14, 2011)

0ct 25th 2011, on the day following the Philippines’ world camp, there was a ‘2011 Pastors Symposium’ for local pastors in Pasay City

About 140 local pastors were attending. It presented Taejik Woo’s and Hyemi Choi’s It Is Well With My Soul. When the song was finished, they gave the choir a big round of applause.

Continually Pastor Ock Soo Park said how he came to believe God. “Since many pastors also believe their eyes and judgments, they do not believe that God will work. No matter whatever may happen God will work clearly if we believe that God will work.

God who has helped in Pastor Ock Soo Park’s life, the lives of the participants who were listening to the testimony, the word spoken in detail about the Bible, and the Word are not a theory, but the truth. Pastor Ock Soo Park was very serious as he saw the participants and he taught them about the word strongly for about 90 minutes.

The judgment I see concerning my sin is not important, but how God sees my sin and what the Bible says to us are important, and we have to believe them. And everyone shouted, “Amen!”

“I am one of the Pasay pastors. I became aware of this pastor’s meeting through our organization chairman, Idelacruz. It was good that I could participate in this pastor’s meeting which was led by Pastor Park and was so merciful. This pastor’s meeting was a great benefit to the Philippines which is a country waiting for a miracle. – Bal Makbanua –

As Fren Degzman, whom our pastor Ronrim knows, invited us and introduced to the IYF, I came to know about this pastor’s meeting. IYF was new for us, but it was a good organization and we were going to help this organization the next time. Since this organization is international, it is probable that it will have influence on many youth and change many lives as they become born again. – Philip Anthony Panganiban –

The 2011 Pastor’s Symposium will be held till tomorrow and it is hoped that the gospel will spread not only to the students who participated in the World Camp, but that through local pastors, God, hereafter, will work through the gospel to guide Philippine youth.

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