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[Solomon Islands] The Gospel Spread in Solomon Islands Bears Fruit! – The Gospel Reaches Malaita!

God listened to a prayer than began 42 years ago in a small room to save the people in the South Pacific. God has begun to work strongly in these islands and in November this year, the fruits produced from the seed of gospel spread out during the 1st and 2nd witness trip has grown into abundance.

From the 10th to the 19th of November, Pastor Byeong Nam Park of Damyang Church and 4 brothers and sisters, New Zealand Church Missionary, and 7 others went on the 3rd witness trip to the Solomon Islands.


At the 3rd witness trip, a bible seminar was held at Malaita Island on the 1st week and Honiara (capital) on the second week. When we arrived at the Honiara Airport, the children from SSCS Church welcomed us. We were connected through SSCS Church Pastor ‘Philip’ and Sister Sharon’s sister who thanked us for coming.


On the second day, we moved to Honiara Port for the Malaita bible seminar. When we arrived at Malaita, Sister Sharon’s uncle, Pastor ‘Eric’ came to meet us. The witness trip here began by Sister Sharon after she attended the Korean World Camp, received the heart of Pastor Ock Soo Park, and delivered this to Pastor Eric.



Pastor Eric has been ministering for decades but the God and the bible was only theory to him and he had been feeling frustration. Then he heard the gospel through us, received true salvation, and guided us throughout the entire witness trip. Pastor Eric stayed with us every day for 2 weeks and preached the gospel. He expressed joy saying that he felt like he was attending a Korean Mission school.


After a three hour trip by truck, we arrived at a village called ‘ONEPUSU. ’ We had a bible seminar at this place every evening and although everyone lived a 2 hour walking distance away, they came every day to listen to the gospel.


During the sermon, Pastor Byeong Nam Park made the gospel easy to understand through drawings explaining where our sins came from and how they were washed. The people who heard the gospel turned away from the life of praising hymns and praying for repentance until now and newly learned about the Jesus who saved them.


During the group fellowship after the sermon, people gave testimonies of how thankful they were that God had taken away all their sins.




That is how the first week ended and we traveled on boat and truck again to go to Honiara for the second week. In the second week at Honiara, there were mind lectures at colleges in the morning and bible seminar at different church in the evening. Surprisingly, we were able to connect to top level Christian leaders through Pastor Eric, Sister Sharon’s uncle, and preach the gospel to many more people. Whenever possible, Christian leaders would visit our lodging, have fellowship, and receive salvation.



Also, Chairman Johnson Siapu who is National Assembly Chairperson of Solomon Islands was also connected and came every day to have fellowship. The congressman said, “The message delivered was very special to me. I had believed in God but hadn’t received salvation. But as I heard the gospel this time, I realized for sure that my sins have been washed away.’ The congressman who opened his heart after listening to the gospel helped us meet with Ministers and the Prime Minister.


“I began searching for Jesus from 1970. Yesterday’s message was that I should always remember Jesus in my life. We need to accept him, live with him, and always remember him I have accepted Jesus as my savior. He has washed away my sins. I am free and I now belong to him. Thank you.” –Pastor Richard/Malaita-


“My name is Esther. I am from Malaita in the Solomon Islands. Through this bible seminar I was very blessed. Also, I received great blessing through the message of salvation. I learned how I am a sinner, how to repent, and how to accept Jesus in my life. I really received great blessing from the scriptures and I thank God. I accepted Jesus and I believe in the Words. I believed that I was a sinner, Jesus died to take away all my sins, and I have become clean through his blood. That is how I have become a Christian and I am righteous in God’s heaven. So I want to thank the IYF for bringing the Words of salvation to the Solomon Islands.” -Esther/Malaita-


At this witness trip, it was amazing how one person connected would connect to another person like a branches extending out. Many new people listened to the gospel and received salvation. As much as it is the 3rd witness trip, God has prepared even more abundant and many things. Through the Christian leaders who received salvation this time, the Lord is planning next year’s schedule. Within the scriptures, ‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,’ we are hopeful of the Solomon Islands that will bring forth even more abundant fruit.

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