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[Solomon Islands] The Sound of the Gospel at the Ends of the Earth


On the 18th of February, 2016, we headed to Solomon Islands for witness trip. At the airport, the brothers and sisters living in Solomon Islands came to meet us.

The heart of the people of Solomon Islands we met in the heat of 35 degrees (Celsius) had frozen hearts, unlike the weather. Through the encounter with the Good News Mission however, their hearts went beyond 35 degrees to a burning heat. We preached the gospel to the people we met on the streets as well as in churches we were invited to. Moreover, we were able to see people we met on the streets receiving salvation through the gospel and experiencing joy. We deeply felt that the works of the gospel is being shown in the South Pacific as we saw the brothers and sisters giving worship even in motels, not only church.


There is a small school located on top of a mountain in the island of Honiara within the Solomon Islands. 20~30 students live in this school. Through the teachers there, we were able to carry out mind lecture. As we saw the students listening attentively to the topic on the rating of the mind, we also felt our hearts were with them. Among the students listening from the beginning to the end, some students voice-recorded the lecture on their phones while some took notes. Many students, understanding the rating of their mind while listening to the lecture, realized that they shouldn’t stay in that rating and were eager to come out of it. We saw them filled with energy and laughter throughout the lecture. Moreover, a student, after listening to the sermon about self-rightness, thought deeply about and accepted what a wrong and fearful thought he had been living with. After the sermon, the students came to us once more to make an acknowledgement. Though still unfamiliar after listening to the lecture, we could see change coming to their hearts gradually. We pray that the works or God to continue in this school through the mind lecture.

At this witness trip, there are also many people who received salvation. They hoped to be with the Good News Mission in the future.


Pastor John Mark was a theology teacher for 30 years in the Solomon Islands, quit and began ministering at AOG (god of assembly), and left later on to continue ministering after newly establishing his church independently. Upon hearing that a pastor was coming from New Zealand, he requested that he come and preach at his church. Many people listened attentively to the scriptures in the book of Proverbs about how a wise person does not trust oneself.

While listening to the sermon, there were also youths that wanted to repent the lives they had lived until now. 30 students came forward before the podium where the Words were being preached asking for prayers for the guilt they felt about the sins in their hearts with their heads bowed. The fellowship began and they were able to accept the gospel into their hearts. After the sermon, there were still many youths that came forward confessing the unsolved problems of the sins in their heart. On this day, not only youths but also many other church members were able to reflect upon their heart as they listened to the Words.

On the next day, Pastor John Mark visited the lodging of Pastor Lee to receive spiritual consultation after having reflecting himself in the Words. Speaking about what went wrong in his ministering life until now, he threw away all knowledge he had and accepted the Words. After admitting and accepting the World in Isaiah 53:6 saying that all our sins were taken on by Jesus as well as the Scriptures in Hebrews 10:14 and 17, tears welled up in his eyes. He said that everything he had done until now has been let down and having realized these Words are the truth, the gospel was established in his heart. He expressed his hopes to work with the Good News Mission in the future and be together in the work of the gospel.


When we first preached the gospel to him, he would reply saying he had received salvation since he was youth and refuse to listen to the Words we preached. Though he had sin in his heart, he was sure he could go to heaven. Even though he said he was saved, he said he had to repent before God for his future sins. However, through the Scriptures in Jeremiah 17:9, he realized how evil he was and repented about the things he tried to do before God. Also, as he listened to the Words from Isaiah 53:6, he accepted that Jesus had taken over his sin and received salvation. He felt very thankful as he learned that the salvation he knew was wrong and discovered true salvation and expressed this thanks saying, ‘I want to praise the Lord inside the true Words I didn’t know before.’


Pastor Ben is a local pastor ministering to 300~500 people in the capital of Solomon Islands, Honiara. He is also a delegate managing pastors. Sunday evening service took place at Pastor Ben’s church. After listening to a sermon on wise men and foolish men, he came to us and thanked us saying that the Scriptures in Proverbs 28:26 made him reflect upon himself. This pastor invited many pastors to come and preach in his church as he ministered for a long time, which caused the saints in the church to be confused with the different kinds of sermons and he felt sorry for the Words not being able to be established properly in their hearts. After listening to the correct sermon preached by us however, he said he will stop inviting various pastors and requested us to preach them the true gospel. He also added that he is getting ready to invite the pastors that he leads to come to the Christian Leaders’ Forum held by the Good News Organization.

Besides these people, many others also received salvation and praised God.

Through this witness trip, we were able to feel the Scriptures in Isaiah 53:6 “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all,” alive and moving. Many people were led by the Words through this witness trip. We look forward to God saving many more people from sins at our next visit to Solomon Islands and we are thankful to see the gospel being spread to the South Pacific, the ends of the earth.

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