[Solomon Islands] The Sound of the Gospel at the Ends of the Earth


On the 18th of February, 2016, we headed to Solomon Islands for witness trip. At the airport, the brothers and sisters living in Solomon Islands came to meet us.

The heart of the people of Solomon Islands we met in the heat of 35 degrees (Celsius) had frozen hearts, unlike the weather. Through the encounter with the Good News Mission however, their hearts went beyond 35 degrees to a burning heat. We preached the gospel to the people we met on the streets as well as in churches we were invited to. Moreover, we were able to see people we met on the streets receiving salvation through the gospel and experiencing joy. We deeply felt that the works of the gospel is being shown in the South Pacific as we saw the brothers and sisters giving worship even in motels, not only church.


There is a small school located on top of a mountain in the island of Honiara within the Solomon Islands. 20~30 students live in this school. Through the teachers there, we were able to carry out mind lecture. As we saw the students listening attentively to the topic on the rating of the mind, we also felt our hearts were with them. Among the students listening from the beginning to the end, some students voice-recorded the lecture on their phones while some took notes. Many students, understanding the rating of their mind while listening to the lecture, realized that they shouldn’t stay in that rating and were eager to come out of it. We saw them filled with energy and laughter throughout the lecture. Moreover, a student, after listening to the sermon about self-rightness, thought deeply about and