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[South Africa] God Who Worked Amidst the YMET Irrespective of Circumstances

Youth Mind Education Training Opening Ceremony and Reception



March 10th, the second day of the Youth Mind Education Training.



The opening ceremony and reception opened at Herat Felt Arena Pretoria located in the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria. With 700 participants and 20 VIPs, the camp (YMET) began the opening ceremony with a Taekwondo performance.


However, as organizations against the co-sponsored NYDA(National Youth Development Agency) and began a demonstration, there were changes made in the event before the opening ceremony. In fact, some people even went up on stage so certain performances had to be cancelled and there was a commotion.

South Africa is a country that used to have an apartheid policy. The people are sensitive to issues regarding racial discrimination due to the long rule under Caucasians. Such victim mentality causes frequent riots and demonstrations.



As the commotion settled down, the dance team of Durak Durak performed and there were welcoming speeches from Botswana Education Technology Assistant Minister Moiseraele Master Goya and Lesotho Education Technology Deputy Minister Thabang Kholumo.


Botswana Education Technology Assistant Minister Moiseraele Master Goya especially, has been helping with the event until now ever since he opened his heart after having met with Pastor Ock Soo Park and the IYF through the 2015 Incheon Education Forum in Korea. In his speech, he mentioned the need to learn the progressive mind of the IYF that well understands the problems of various youths in the world and, he revealed his wishes for the youth to plan a bright future through positive thinking inside healthy minds.



The stage of the Gracias Choir continued. Shouts of acclamation were heard as the audience saw the fancy costumes of the Gracias Choir. As the dulcet voices of Hye Mi Choi and Jin Young Park’s duet filled the hall, the hearts of the participants were calmed.





The local song, ‘Wa Hambatani’ made almost everyone in the audience to stand up from their seats, enjoy, and join hearts as one through one song.




The mind lecture of Pastor Ock Soo Park followed. Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, saying there is no need for our hearts to be bounded by our difficulties even if the circumstances may be difficult. Giving an example of an ex-convict who turned into a youth leader, the Pastor mentioned that believing in one’s own thoughts in times of difficulty can only end in hardship for others around oneself. The ex-convict has met with a true mentor, learned how to use his heart, and is currently working as a youth educator and mind lecturer. Pastor Park delivered a message of hope that the students learn to use their hearts and overcome their difficulties.



At the reception where the Vice-President of Mozambique National University and Education Technology Deputy Minister attended, Christian Leaders were also present. We had been concerned that the participants might have closed their hearts due to the sudden demonstration but instead, they opened their hearts saying that was the reason South Africa needed mind lecture.



Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a message at the reception saying that everyone who joins heart with God will do works that give forth flowers and fruits as the Words in Genesis where God allowed the most valueless and worthless earth to bring forth flowers and fruits.


As the Scriptures, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick” in Matthew 9:12, the Republic of South Africa is a country where problems of youth and other social problems have emerged and the reason the mind education is needed even more. We hope that the mind education provided through this event will change the lives of many youths in South Africa.

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