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Start of Mahanaim Cyber College of Theology, 2011 semester.

The Mahanaim Cyber College of Theology which overcomes the barriers of language, space and time, has started its classes. Along with the new spring, the Mahanaim Cyber college began a new semester. March 7th marked the beginning of the spring semester and approximately 370 students began to listen to the lectures holding steady to their dreams The day seems short to the workers who strive to provide the contents in good quality to the students who listen to the lectures. The lectures of the professors must be recorded, then dubbed into four languages: Chinese, English, Spanish and French in order for the world to listen to the same lectures. There is also need for administration for the over-4000 cyber theology students. The Mahanaim Cyber College of Theology teaches the world of faith and is a major part of training preachers of the gospel which brightens this world.

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