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(Swaziland) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Youth, Minister of Education and Pastor Ock Soo Park

In the morning of September 10th, the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland, Paul Dlamini; Minister of Youth, David Made Ngcamphalala; Minister of Education, Phineas Magagula; and Pastor Ock Soo Park held a meeting at the office of the Deputy Prime Minister located in Mbabane.




First, there was a small meeting with the Minister of Youth at the government agency office of the Department of Youth. The Minister of Youth expressed his regrets for not having been able to visit Korea this year due to a heavy schedule. After a short exchange of greetings, they moved to the Deputy Prime Minister’s building.




At the meeting room prepared inside the Deputy Prime Minister’s building, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Youth, the Minister of Education, and Pastor Ock Soo Park held a meeting. First, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked Pastor Ock Soo Park, Gracias Choir, and other party members on behalf of the King, Prime Minister, and Department of Youth for having visited Swaziland.


The Deputy Prime Minister said, ‘I am thankful to the Department of Youth and the Department of Education for working together with the IYF for the youths, and I look forward to further activity in the future.’

Moreover, he presented the new policy made for the better life of citizens through the government plan ‘Vision 2022’ that was announced by the King. He requested help in AIDS eradication, disease and basic medical facilities establishment, elderly aid program, youth leadership and youth training program etc. that are being promoted.





Pastor Ock Soo Park agreed to help in the matters mentioned and actively help in mind training based on a healthy mind in order to realize these things. Moreover, he explained that the mind training is already taking place for the principal, teachers, and youths; and the students who listened to the lecture are changing.

Lastly, the Gracias Choir presented another performance.



The Deputy Prime Minister was very pleased with this meeting and the Gracias Choir. He escorted the party to the entrance of the building, requesting that they look after Swaziland and the youths. A reporter from national broadcast, ‘SwaziTV’ waited at the entrance to the Deputy Prime Minister’s building and shortly interviewed Pastor Ock Soo Park. The Deputy Prime Minister was also interviewed about his meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park.




God is opening the way in Swaziland. After the encounter with the Minister of Youth last year, there was connection with the Department of Education in the beginning of this year. This time, God has allowed connection with the Deputy Prime Minister through the open door of the gospel, and we look forward to how God will work with the educators and youths of Swaziland.



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