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[Swaziland] From the Queen to Educators, the Gospel is preached to people of all levels in Swaziland

Until the day the Gospel is preached to all the people of Swaziland.

Meeting with the Queen

Swaziland holds the last royal regime in all of Africa. It may be because of the absolute control of the king but the people are very warm and kind. Mswati III, has been ruling for 30 years but there never has been a rebellion or coup d’etat, yet the people are warm and he is respected by the people because of his soft politics. The king has 13 wives; however, the there was a meeting between Missionaries Tae Uk Kang, Jae Yun Shim and In Ki Hong and the short term missionaries and the one Queen among them to introduce the Mission that is preaching the gospel and to inform her about the IYF.



Bishop Maseko became connected through the Easter Cantata that began in April and the Queen had heard the Gospel for the first time while she was attending that church. She listened very carefully to the Word and often shouted ‘Amen!’ as well as taking notes while listening to the Gospel. Although she was in the highest position in the country as a Queen, in front of the Word she had a low and innocent heart and we feel that that is the reason why God loved this spirit and made her meet the Gospel.

Bishop Maseko said that he had opened his heart after listening to the Gospel from Pastor Ock Soo Park during the World Camp in Korea and that he had learnt a lot while observing every corner of the mission. After returning from the World Camp, he had invited missionary Tae Uk Kang to have Sunday Service and it was there that we met the queen, who had invited us on the 25th of August.




After the introduction by Bishop Maseko, Missionary Tae Uk Kim introduced the Mission and the IYF before the dance performance by the Good News Corps volunteers. Afterwards, Pastor Jae Yun Shim preached the Word. As soon as the Bible was opened the queen came down from her sofa to sit on the floor and listened carefully to the Word. Pastor Jae Yun Shim, through Romans 3:23-24, spoke of the truth that we are righteous without a price because of grace. The queen took the Word very seriously and placed a bookmark on the page where Romans 3:23-24 was located. It seemed like she had put her heart’s bookmark there as well. The queen said that she hoped that this would not be their last meeting and showed her desire to have future meetings. After the Word, Missionary Tae Uk Kang introduced the Mission and Pastor Ock Soo Park and had a deep conversation. Although this was only the first official meeting, we could feel that our hearts have become a lot closer. After eating the food that was prepared by the Queen, we said goodbye and left the palace.









Meeting with the former President of Tanzania

As soon as he arrived, Pastor Jae Yun Shim participated in the open lecture that was delivered by the former President of Tanzania. Before the end of the event, we went to meet the former President with a picture of the former President meeting Pastor Ock Soo Park. The former President had remembered the meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park and Pastor Jae Yun Shim then led the conversation through the introduction of the Mind Education. Although it was a short meeting, we hope that it has become a starting point in which the IYF branch in Tanzania can start to become connected to the government.


At the same time, Missionary Tae Uk Kang met the governor, who had attended this event and introduced him to a picture of him meeting Pastor Ock Soo Park and activities that are happening in Swaziland.


Teachers’ Mins Education.

The Teachers’ Mind Education lasted three days; from the 24th to the 26th of August. This Mind Education had been opening every month, but we could feel the concentration and sincerity that had never been felt before. As the path to the Teachers’ Mind Education opened as Pastor Ock Soo Park came to Swaziland, it has already become the ninth time that the event is being held. Therefore, many of the participating teachers had already received this education several times and because they knew that there was nothing more important that this Mind Education, the mood was as serious as ever and the atmosphere could not cool down.


Through the Mind Recreation, Mind Lecture, Discussion and Presentation as well as the cultural performance by the Good News Corps Members, the programs were filled with variety. Pastor Jae Yun Shim delivered the Mind Lecture with the heart that in order for the students in Swaziland to change, the mind of the teachers must change first



“It was a Mind Education that opened my eyes to the things about me and other people that I did not know about or was ignorant about. I felt that this Mind Education was not only for me but also for others. I am certain that there will be things to learn for those people who see me who has changed. I first came here only for the certificate but as I continued to listen to the Mind Lecture, I discovered that this Mind Education was something so much more valuable than just a certificate. And now if there are kids who are misbehaving in school, I now understand the source of those actions so I do not just want to tell them off but teach them all that I have learnt during the Lectures as well as teaching the children in my house.” (Albertinah Dludlu / 53/ Primary school teacher)





As we see the changed teachers through faith, the future of Swaziland is so bright.


Bible Seminar

Throughout the three days that the Mind Education was happening, there was a Bible Seminar in the evenings. During this Bible Seminar there were people who came to know us through witnessing and also those teachers who had attended the Mind Education. Through the theme of Cain and Abel, the Word was preached about the type of heart that God is happy with. Although all the people in Swaziland know God and go to church, they try to wash their sins through the prayer of repentance. All their lives, they sought for God but their souls could not meet God. Therefore, God had pity on them and all the people who had attended this Bible Seminar received salvation and truly met the heart of God.





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