(Swaziland) Innovation of Swaziland Education, Mind Education for Teachers

2nd Teacher’s Mind Education

Following the 2nd Volunteers Workshop that took place from the 4th to the 6th of May, there was a second Mind Lecture for teachers and the Manzini Central High school. Within the smooth collaboration between the Swaziland Teacher’s Federation and the IYF, the Mind Education has been run through the first and second week. Although the second Mind Education was during the school term, the head teachers of each school sent out letters of cooperation, and the university students, who had attend the first and second volunteer workshops went to deliver letters to each school, in person. So, around 300 teachers had gathered to partake in this Mind Education. The teachers showed a great passion towards this Education. “It was an innovative education that I have never heard of before.” “This Mind Education will change our lives and our thoughts and will change Swaziland.” These were just two of the many adoring comments that we had heard.



Missionary Young Do Oh (Good News London Church) and Pastor Sung Eun Kim (Good News Gyung San Church) were invited to deliver the Mind Lecture. Especially, throughout this training process, there was also a time to listen to the Bible Lecture, which interested many of the teachers. After the Lecture, we were able to have Gospel fellowship with those people who wanted to have some private counseling.



Moreover, there was a press conference for the ceremony of mutual cooperation between the IYF and the Teacher’s Federation. The questions were led by two newspapers in Swaziland and one broadcasting company. Starting with a report of activity from IYF Swaziland branch Manager Tae Uk Kang, Pastor Young Do Oh delivered his message and there was a presentation from the president of the Teacher’s Federation and the Secretary-General.