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[Swaziland] The Future of Swaziland is Bright with the Good News Corps

Activity Summary of the Good News Corps Volunteers who are Leading Swaziland

Recently, by the request of the Ministry of Education, the Good News Corps Volunteers have been working as teachers at public primary, middle and high schools. On the 30th of March, the Good News Corps Volunteers had a meeting with the Minister of Education. The Minister of Education greeted the Good News Corps Volunteers happily and began talking with hope about the bright future of Swaziland’s Education.


In the meeting with the Minister of Education, the discussion was about the Good News Corps Volunteers who were to go to the schools to teach a variety of things such as Math, Science, Computer, ‘Mind Education’ and Taekwondo.


This meeting with the Minister of Education was able o take place through the Deputy Prime Minister asking for ten Volunteers from the IYF last December. Especially, because the percentage of teachers that can teach math and science is low, volunteers with the ability of science and math were requested to support this number. Therefore, through the discussion with the Minister of Education, The Ministry of Education has promised to collaborate with the Good News Corps Volunteers to help them and donate their talents to the schools. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education promised its undivided support.


In Swaziland, every year, when Easter comes, everyone takes a three-day break to have an Easter celebration service at church. The Good News Corps Volunteers prepared a Mini-Easter Cantata and after being invited to several big churches in Swaziland, they did a performance tour to demonstrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like that, they coincidentally performed at the church where one of the King’s wives attended and also preached the Gospel.



The queen was very touched having seen the Mini-Easter Cantata. Moreover, she listened very carefully to the Gospel preached by Missionary Tae-Uk Kang, often taking notes and shouting, ‘Amen!’ to show that she had accepted the Word.


After the service, the queen had a short meeting with the Good News Corps Volunteers and this was an opportunity for them to introduce their activities. The queen was delighted to hear about the activities that the IYF students were taking part in and hoped that they would meet again.




Last September, Pastor Ock Soo Park had visited Swaziland and had had a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister. Afterwards, the Deputy Prime Minister began to be determined to work for the IYF who are doing such great works in Swaziland. He told missionary Tae-Uk Kang to ask if he needed anything. Naturally, the Deputy Prime Minister asked if the IYF branch in Swaziland had any land to carry out the activities. That became the starting point, from which a meeting with Pastor Hyun Mok Lee followed and a promise was made that the government would provide land for the establishment of buildings that is needed by the Mission, such as a Youth Centre and a high school. Thus, the Deputy Prime Minister requested for the sending of ten Good News Corps Volunteers for the education and activities that will happen in Swaziland.



The ten Volunteers, who came by the request of the Deputy Prime Minister, were personally greeted by him, one by one. The as the meeting began, the Deputy Prime Minister thanked the IYF for such a rapid response in such a short amount of time given by the Swaziland government to send the volunteers.



Through the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, the Good News Corps Volunteers were able to give a brief introduction of themselves and were also able to talk about how they used to live such dark and selfish lives before meeting the IYF but were able to become changed and become brighter through the Good News Corps Programme. Then, they explained precisely the process of change and through their respective anecdotes, they were able to explain the importance of the ‘Mind Education’. The Deputy Prime Minister was deeply touched by listening to the words of the Volunteers and it was a time where he could truly feel the importance of the ‘Mind Lecture’.


Moreover, they discussed, in detail, about the specific programs and directions that the volunteers will take in the teaching that they will undertake in Swaziland. After hearing the suggestions of the Good News Corps Volunteers, the Deputy Prime Minister asked them to provide such educational support to the youth all over the country through youth activities. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister instructed them to help him receive the land required to begin the construction of the Youth Centre, from the Minister of Youth. Meanwhile, he urged them to help as many students as possible through the teaching of math, science, Taekwondo and Mind Education that will be happening in many schools. Through such meetings, we cannot help but be expectant of the relationship between the IYF and the Swaziland government to be even stronger and become more collaborative.

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