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[Tanzania] A Revolutionary Experience in My Life

News of the IYF World Camp in Tanzania

The precious things in Africa are water and electricity. Because the electrical system and the sewage system is not developed enough, there are often times when each house has to use a candle because of a power outage or buy water because it would not come out well. The more precious and desperate thing, however, is the need for a beneficial education system for the youth. Although there is a great university in the east of Tanzania, because they do not have the adequate education for students to interact and challenge themselve, IYF Tanzania is running an education fitted to these actual circumstances. There were 15 teams; Acapella, English, Russian, Chinese, Dance, Spanish, Korean, Siamese, Origami, GNC meeting, Aroma Therapy, Sexual Education, Taekwondo Academy, Mini Olympics, Sports, and Scavenger Hunt. They all had a variety of different experiences. Here are the comments of few of the participants.

“Through the Academy the participants learnt how they are different, how to live an independent life and how to treat someone intimately. I really liked the playing culture where you had to get along with other people.” – Geoffrey G. Kalokola, Jordan University-

“The Scavenger Hunt which awakened my mind to challenge, made me share my thoughts with different people about the questions we were given.” -Anga Meena, Businessman-

“I never heard of a proper sexual education in Tanzania, but it was good to hear about why youth have problems with sex and we got to know about how to control it.” -Festo, Dar es Salaam University-

“While doing the Mind Quiz I learnt how to communicate with other people well when working and not staying limited within my own thoughts.” -Zamar Msangi, Muhimbili University-

“I’ve never tried such active events such as the Mini Olympics, but I felt that my body was changing vigorously and was becoming new. The team memebers cheered and praised each other to make us more courageous. I felt that everyone was competing with all their hearts in this short time.” – Mary Aloyle, Green College-

“This is my second time participating following last year. It was very interesting to learn other languages. I learnt how not to live on my own but how to be social and communicate with others.” -Steven Christoph, Dar es Salaam University-

During academy times the serious and quiet Tanzanian youth learnt the vigorous dance moves as they kept up to the exciting rhythm. Lots of people were in one team and became friends during the process of finding answers to the questions, whilst also learning one another’s culture. In the small society of the IYF World Camp in Tanzania made up of 1300 youths, international manners and the leadership to help one another was solidified, naturally. The Department of Youth Deputy, Dr. Gabriel, enthusiastically supported such IYF World Camp in Tanzania. “Today I thank the participants and all the members linked with the IYF. IYF gives us something special. I give my applause to this successful ending of the Camp. I give my thanks to the Director of IYF Tanzania, Huiyong Jun. I thank all you whose efforts created the programs of this Camp”

“This Camp is very beneficial to youths. You have to challenge in not only this generation but the next generation as well. In this place you may be divided into Muslims and Christians, but you can develop and challenge further if you do not become separated and interact together. I hope that you will have learnt a great mind here, think it over many times. You, participants, can live an ordinary life if you want to, but if you live believing that you will change, then you will. We need youth in Tanzania who challenge in this way. Youth that are bright and full of challenge, like you, are enough to make this country developed. Tanzania will change because of youth like you, and the Tanzanian government will continue to co-operate with the IYF.

“Everyone, renew your mind!” This was the theme during the Mind Lecture which revealed God’s plan and love in the Bible. The youth were shown how a person should accept this great plan; which made them have wider and deeper thoughts. Negative thoughts were switched to positive ones, abstinence was learnt. Here are the comments of the participants who were introduced to the mind of care and helping other people.

“During this Camp I discovered that listening attentively is more important than speaking. I learnt about the references made to the Bible and also the mind to be able to listen to advice.” – William Charles, Dar es Salaam University-

“I didn’t listen to what other people had to say. That is why there are many occasions where I went through difficulties. I coincidentally participated in this camp and was able to learn about the world of the heart. I found out that I should not be so full of conceit. The biggest thing for me was that I should listen attentively to what other people say.” -Tito-

“The Mind Lecture helped us to be a person who understand ourselves and also to be a creative person. Through the Mind Lecture I gained good knowledge, and it also taught me the direction of my life that I should take.” -Sanmu Allg-

“Through this Camp I learnt to understand other people. Especially, because I usually cosidered my own thoughts to be most important, this Camp made me learn to listen attentively to other people. So, the Lecture was the most meaningful. Not only that but the fact that I received salvation from sin after meeting Jesus’ love is a miracle and it made me very happy.” -Prisca Mkaliaing, Green College-

“Having come to this Camp, I learnt a lot. Especially, I learnt about the world of the heart; who I am, how God thinks of me, and I was able to receive the precise cleansing of my sin through Jesus Christ. This World Camp was such a special time for me, and it will become a beautiful memory that I will not be able to forget in my life. Thank you.” -Lusungu Mtawa, Mzumbe University-

“The Mind Lecture is like a revolution in my life. I have never opened my heart before but now I think it allowed me to enjoy my life and be happy. I want to participate next year as well.” -Dar es Salaam University-

The Camp’s chapters came to a close. In the Closing Ceremony of the IYF World Camp in Tanzania the participants shouted ‘Encore’ to all the traditional and classical music making the memories even more fun. A government couple and a couple who were from a sponsoring company participated in the Ceremony and captured the dream-like memory on camera. The Harvard of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam’s President said, “Tanzania, I welcome you to this Camp and I know you will learn a lot here. Dar es Salaam will also become a great partner and change the world of many youth, helping everyone to dream and achieve that dream. It will change this country.”

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