[Tanzania] A Revolutionary Experience in My Life

News of the IYF World Camp in Tanzania

The precious things in Africa are water and electricity. Because the electrical system and the sewage system is not developed enough, there are often times when each house has to use a candle because of a power outage or buy water because it would not come out well. The more precious and desperate thing, however, is the need for a beneficial education system for the youth. Although there is a great university in the east of Tanzania, because they do not have the adequate education for students to interact and challenge themselve, IYF Tanzania is running an education fitted to these actual circumstances. There were 15 teams; Acapella, English, Russian, Chinese, Dance, Spanish, Korean, Siamese, Origami, GNC meeting, Aroma Therapy, Sexual Education, Taekwondo Academy, Mini Olympics, Sports, and Scavenger Hunt. They all had a variety of different experiences. Here are the comments of few of the participants.

“Through the Academy the participants learnt how they are different, how to live an independent life and how to treat someone intimately. I really liked the playing culture where you had to get along with other people.” – Geoffrey G. Kalokola, Jordan University-