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[Tanzania] Invited Service Held in Local Established Church (August 24, 2011)

Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir were invited to a local church at the CCC light house in the center of Dar es Salaam, and spent beautiful time there.

In Tanzania, almost nobody is majored in classic music, so it might be a little bit strange to be exposed to classic music here, and it might be also their first time to listen to some foreigners to sing in Swahili, not English. But, the Gracias Choir’s music from the heart exceeded the boundary of denomination and language, and gathered everybody’s heart with hymns and everybody was singing happily together.

Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about John 5:8, said, “I cannot walk, but let me accept that guy’s heart just even once. I’ll just throw my thoughts away and follow that guy’s heart and get up!’ Strangely, the body was moving.

“Whenever we read Bible, or whenever people have the same heart as God, God’s power is pouring out. What God says through Bible is that I remember your sin no more and I have washed your sin as white as snow. Throw away the thought of ‘But I have a lot of sin…’ and only accept the Words and it is said that God has made me holy and righteous. From then, the God inside of me will work strongly.

Believe in God’s thoughts instead of your own thoughts.

If your heart can become one as God’s heart, then God will continuously work in your life.”

The 2011 Tanzania World Camp was originally scheduled to be held in Shaba Shaba Carmen Hall in the Trade Exhibition Center from August 11th. But because of the heavy echo, the place was not that suitable for such activities, so we tried to find another place and through a Korean met on street occasionally one month ago, we were introduced to the CCC light house here.

But the place has been rented out during that time, so after Pastor Park arrived, he said let’s try to utilize the hall, then we were able to prepare for the activities. During the preparation, we met the second highest pastor and the pastor was very hospitable and supported us beyond denomination.

Neither moving location during World Camp, nor holding service in local established church was easy, but God allowed us new place to use and let us meet with local established church and gave us beautiful time to share our hearts.

Moving camp during World venue for work or worship in a local established churches beryeohae’s not an easy task by God to give us your new place to share your heart with a local ready-made to meet a beautiful church and gave hours.

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