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[Tanzania] The Christian Leaders’ Meeting and Mind Camp Prepared Beforehand by God

Arusha is a city with the third most number of Christians in Tanzania. Thus, there are many established Christian leaders who are leading their churches with their own diligence. As we recently heard of much news regarding the Christian Leaders’ Forums, God also gave us the heart to want to preach the gospel to the Christian leaders of Arusha.


In fact, we had tried to prepare a Christian Leader’s Meeting two years ago on our own but no one came and we were disappointed. For a while, we became lost in the thought that we could not preach the gospel to Christian leaders. According to the heart that receiving the heart of the church is receiving the heart of God, we believed that if we overcame our thoughts and limits and prepared the Christian Leaders’ Forum then God will help. That’s how we first prepared the Arusha Christian Leaders’ Meeting. Since we had no relative we had no clue as to how to find these Christian leaders and invite them.


However, God miraculously allowed us to meet a president-like Christian leader in the Arusha Christian leaders gathering and though preparation was slow and lacking, things worked out in perfect order. At 2pm on the 23rd of November, the Christian Leaders’ Meeting finally began and despite the sudden downpour, many leaders entered the venue. We were anxious as to whether even 10 Christian leaders would attend but 123 people from and around Arusha filled the seats as if they were proving our doubts wrong. People filled the event venue so that there were no more seats left and the ardor of Christian leaders to learn the bible was palpable.


We delivered news of different Christian Leaders’ Meetings in Dallas, US; Nairobi, Kenya; and in Korea. We proceeded with the event with discussion about the parts of the bible that the leaders wished to learn more precisely and in detail. After the chorus of the GNC volunteers, Pastor Chung Hak Lee who came as lecturer delivered a message on the story of the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17. “[M]ake me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son!” The words of Elijah spoken to the Widow were not of himself but he delivered what God had showed him.


He emphasized that we must not speak of the things we see and hear but only look at and listen to what God has shown us and deliver that. He preached that faith is receiving the Words that God wants to show us simply as it is and missioning. The leaders with existing knowledge of faith listened attentively to the scriptures and accepted the gospel. Even after the event was over, they joyfully ate their meals and hoped that the Christian leaders’ Mahanaim bible study begin in Arusha.







After the Christian Leaders’ Meeting, the Mind Education Youth Camp opened at the Arusha Youth League Center from the 24th to the 26th. The event was held with about 200 students gathered and Mind Education Lecturer, Pastor Chung Hak Lee. The Mind Education that was carried out under the theme “Badilisha Fikra” in Swahili changes the world of mind of the young students of Arusha. It became a place of leaders that changes thinking from negative to positive. Before the event, we visited each university and college in Arusha and invited potential leader students. There was difficulty in promotion because it was the first time to hold a Mind Camp and most of the students were unable to understand the character of the event but as they gradually understood, they felt the urgent need of the Mind Education.






Through the Academy time in the morning which is comprised of various subjects, they are able to learn new things. Also, they learn how to control themselves through the Mind Lecture. In the afternoon, they learn cohesion through the group cooperation games and become one instead of individuals. Moreover, they learned challenge by overcoming their burdens and limits through the English Speech Contest. The hearts of the students were ready to accept the gospel when the gospel was preached to them in the afternoon due to the mind lecture they heard beforehand. We hope once again that the Christian Leaders’ Meeting and the 3-day Arusha Mind Camp becomes a small seed of the gospel that can change the future and the lives of many Christian leaders, college students, and young students of Arusha and the gospel spreads throughout this small city.

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