[Testimony] A good lecture does not change a person, what does is the “Word”

I attended the first Music Camp in the Dominican Republic. We arrived a week early in order to prepare, however it was our first overseas Music Camp, and in addition the Choir remained in the U.S to prepare for a competition; therefore a few orchestra members were left to manage the Music Camp.

While preparing we lacked much wisdom, but what also troubled us was whether students would attend or not; we were not sure. Then two days before the start of the camp we held an audition and were shocked by arrival of young students. Starting from students who were 5~6-years-old, there were students in their twenties and thirties, and the majority of them had no experience in music.

There was a Music Concert on the last day, and we told the people who came: “There are many talented musicians in the world. These students who attended the Dominican Republic Music Camp are still young and lack music skills. Nevertheless, these students will become musicians who will lead the Dominican Republic because we teach them how to mind control. Many musicians are unable to control their minds, and so though they have outstanding talent and quality instruments, they easily falter and give up. The power to control the mind is inside the Word of God. Our students learn this Word. That is why our students are different. I was so hopeful, overwhelmed, joyful and thankful.

I attended the camp as a teacher who had to lead and teach students, but throughout the camp God truly put my heart to shame. While preaching the gospel to students, I as a person was so dirty before the extremely clean and precise Gospel. I saw how compared to the students who opened their hearts to me and approached me, my heart was full of calculations, and lived only living for myself. However, I lowered myself who was like that, and throughout the camp I relied on God and was able to see Him work up close, and was so thankful to be in that position. What changes students is not a good lecture nor quality music, but it the gospel and the God who made music. It was such a thankful time.

After the Closing Ceremony ended on the last day, when greeting the students the native translating volunteer and students all cried and did not want to separate. The camp has ended and I have left the Dominican Republic, but I still cannot forget the students’ faces and miss them so much.

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