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[Thailand] 1st Thailand Education Leaders’ Forum – Announces the Beginning of Change of Mind!


“I am very happy to meet so many people. I think this forum will become the starting point of the beginning of Mind Education in Thailand. Mind Education is something essential for everyone. For this, we will need a lot of your help.”



Last 19th, the first ‘Thailand Education Leaders’ Forum’ took place at the Century Hotel located in Bangkok. A total of 86 college presidents, vice-presidents, professors, prison governors, etc. various leaders gathered to discuss the importance and need for the mind education.



At the first session, there was a time for introduction of what the Mind Education is. Doctor Myung Goo Lee, the forum’s main lecturer emphasized, ‘The Mind Education is an education that changes the mind, and change of mind changes life.’ He also added, ‘The mind is also affected by the logic of power. If you have a strong mind, you can overcome anything. We research how to make people’s hearts healthy and strong,’ speaking about the need for Mind Education.



At the second session, Dr. Lee gave a lecture saying, ‘Because we only pursue comfort, we easily fall before small problems. In order to make a healthy mind, you must be able to challenge difficulty and accept ideas that are different from mine. Then, life turns happy[…]’ under the title ‘The Mind Rules the Body.’


Lastly, the leaders that attended the forum solved their curiosity through the QNA session and expressed their thanks.


Director of Student Support in Krungthep Thonburi University said,

‘I think this lecture nurture’s human intelligence and makes wisdom. Especially, it helps to make people mature. If a person’s mind is mature, as you have said, they will become great leaders. I would like to see how students’ minds have changed through the things you have provided and how this change of mind has positively influenced their lives.’


Moreover, the prison governor of Nonthaburi Prison commented,

“I am the governor of Nonthaburi Prison. Although I am currently administering 330,000 prisoners for years, there are many things we lack in solving their problems. Because these prisoners are people who cannot control their minds, the society is afraid to let these people out. Listening to your lecture today, I have hope that these prisoners can change if they’re with the IYF. Also, at first, I was thinking that I should help this organization. Now, I wish the IYF would help me. The mind is what I want the most.”


As God had made the way for Moses and the Israelites to cross the Red Sea, we believe that God will open a new way of the gospel for the leaders and youths to learn the world of the mind through this forum.

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