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The Waves of Change Flowing in Uganda. / The 3rd Uganda World Camp News

At 5:50 am, everyone greet the morning with the early morning service after an exercise with the fresh air. For the guest speaker, the director from Enterprise Uganda gave a lecture about the mind of entrepreneur and the department of education lectured about wishes from the government to the students.

After a delicious lunch, Academy moved the heart of all participants. Even though it was a short time; Taekwondo, Language (Korean, Chinese, French, and Swahili), Music, Dance, Car repair, Bible, and GNC were well prepared to pull some interests from the students.

On the third day during the guest speaker time, there was a special lecture for students at Actionaid. Since Africa is exposed to AIDS more than other countries, students’ attitude toward the lecture was serious. Scavenger hunt after the academy! It was the special outdoor activity that GNC short-term missionaries (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and so on) prepared for the World Camp. All people who participated in that game enjoyed the game convivially. No matter they won or not, there were only happy smiles on their faces. Even though it was a short time, people became much closer by solving the problems together, and we hope they all can share their minds with each other easily than before.

Every night they had a group meeting. During that precious time, they talked about the leadership and the mind-ship that they had learned during the day.

Katherine Adoi (Volunteer/ Makerere University) After the test while I was interested in new things, I saw the wall poster about the World camp by accident. At first, I registered it to take a rest, but when I heard they need volunteers, I re-registered as a volunteer. During the volunteers’ workshop, I heard totally different gospel from the gospel that I had known before. We talked about the prodigal mentioned in Luke to talk about the world of heart. I could not understand when I heard it first, but through the continual group meetings and sermons, I can feel my mind was changing. On the second day, I realized ‘Ah, even though I am a sinner, I am a righteous person in front of God’ while listening to the sermon about the salvation. During the sermon about the patient mentioned in John who was infirmity for 38 years, I also realized that God can work for me when I am in the place where I cannot do anything. I am so thankful to God for letting me to listen to the true gospel and I hope IYF will change all youths in Uganda as they changed me.

All these people experienced changes, God, and the salvation through the Word Camp. Now, they want to share their happiness with other friends. I am so glad to think that volunteers from the camp can help their club in the university and they also can be workers in the church. All people were happy to hear from the missionary that through these students, not only Kampala but also Uganda will be changed. Even though it was only 4 days, it was the impressive World Camp that all people can learn about God and can share their minds. We find true hope, happiness, and love of God in people who participated in the camp. We hope all of them grow as future workers in Uganda.

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