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[Togo] 2011 World Camp Opening Ceremony News (August 02, 2011)

News on Togo World Camp Opening Ceremony

Wave of Change is Rising

July 29th, Friday, there was opening ceremony of the Third Togo World Camp.

The pre-stage started with French Hymn presented by Alliance, a Togo Gospel Group, and Taekwon Dance presented by Lincoln House School, then promotional video of Good News Corps was introduced.

Then traditional cultural dances such as El Sol (South America), Chandelle (Togo), Fan Dance (Korea) unfolded just like a panorama. Togolese students danced and cheered together, expressing the joy from their hearts.

After the opening declaration by the president of Togo World Camp Pastor Dongsung Kim, there was a congratulatory from Honorary Consul of Korea, the Chairman of Togo Broadcast Committee.

“I am so happy to be here. It is so good that you can communicate through this camp and share your passion together. I believe that Africa is alive because of you youths. I discovered youth through you. I hope by attending the world camp, you will change Africa in the future.” – Chairman of Togo Broadcast Committee –

Afterwards, there was pleasant parade presented by Gracias Choir. Students jumped up from their chairs and expressed their passionate hearts when they heard the local hymn presented by the choir.

In the end, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the representative counselor of IYF, gave congratulatory message.

“You are people who will lead the next generation. Nowadays young people’s hearts are dying. However, if you, who came from Togo or Benin, can accept Jesus’ heart through this World Camp and get healthy spirit, then the world will be changed.”

Now, waves of change are rising in Togo. It is so hopeful when we think about all students attending World Camp this time can receive salvation and have the heart of Jesus. Waves of change are rising in Togo.

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