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[Togo] World Camp Marathon & Gracias Performances & Environmental Clean-up Activities (Au

Marathon was held on the last day of Togo World Camp.

The trials started at National Theatre and ended at Palm Beach, and by running on different paths, the total distance for men was 7km and distance for women was 5km. Students not only enjoyed the running, but also expected the marathon from long time ago. Everybody enjoyed the marathon and finished the whole course.

After the marathon, Pastor Ock Soo Park gave the message, saying there was one sister in church whose kidney wasn’t functioning and cannot filter the wastes, but she restored her health by kidney transplant, and just like this, if we live with our hearts, then we have to leave an ugly and dirty life, but if we throw our hearts away and receive Jesus’ heart just like a kidney transplant, then we can live a bright and healthy life.

Interview with Champion in Men’s Group

I’m so glad to win the championship which I have never expected.

I knew IYF through a friend from school. Before coming here, I received salvation through words this year, and it was truly a great pleasure to be here. I want to live with the words I heard here in my heart. I want to go home and preach the gospel.

– Ivebamadaga, from Benin, Abomey Garabi University, Sophomore in Statistics

Afterwards, Gracias Choir presented celebration performances for students who finished the whole course with all their hearts.

Becasue of a sudden electricity black-out during the concert, the choir members went into crowds and students were really delighted and sang and danced altogether.

Students also had environmental clean-up activities on the beach.

Gospel came to lots of people’s heart during Togo World camp.

There will be “Post IYF Camp” held from August 18th to 20th.

It is so hopeful that after the students who heard gospel grow up, they can become workers to preach the gospel in countries that gospel hasn’t come into.



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